What will happen to your horses when you die?

The FEI posted this picture in support of the Inglis family, under the hashtag #RideForOlivia.

If you died unexpectedly, what would be the fate of your horses? It doesn’t bear thinking about that they may end up sold, given away – or worse. 

To help horse owners plan for the future, the USA’s Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) has released a brochure “Estate Planning: A Guide for Equine Owners”.

The Estate Planning Guide examines the differences between setting up a trust versus simply naming the horse in your will, the different types of trusts available, as well as other considerations to keep in mind such as registration papers and medical records for the horse, equipment, land, and your equine business.

UHC Director Ashley Furst said the coalition received many calls about horses whose owners have passed away, and the next of kin or friend is unsure what exactly to do with the horse, or does not have the knowledge to care for the horse.

“The UHC is often looked towards as a resource for information, so we felt publishing a guide to Estate Planning would help expand our message of what Owning Responsibly entails,” Furst said.

“While estate planning can certainly be a tough subject to talk about, we feel horse owners will find the brochure to be a very helpful guide when it comes to planning for the future.”

It is intended as a general guide for estate planning as it applies to horses. “We certainly recommend contacting a knowledgeable equine attorney to guide you through the details of estate planning involving your equine,” Furst said.

While the guide can be downloaded here, hard copies of the brochure are also available, by contacting Ashley Furst at afurst@horsecouncil.org.

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