Fresh online survey targets horse owners as part of ongoing colic research



Researchers are using an online survey of horse owners to explore their knowledge of colic and determine the impact of an educational campaign aimed at building awareness around the condition.

The survey is the next stage of the Nottingham Equine Colic Project, which gave rise to the REACT colic campaign launched out of Britain of a year ago.

It is hoped the survey, which is open to horse owners around the world, will provide the campaign backers with crucial information of how they can improve and develop the initiative and its material.

The survey, which takes 10 to 15 minutes, evaluates the impact the campaign is having on the way in which colic is recognised and managed.

While colic is the most common type of emergency seen by equine veterinary professionals, a definitive and rapid diagnosis remains a challenge.

To overcome this, the colic project was launched, with researchers collaborating with horse owners and veterinarians to develop evidence-based resources and recommendations which can aid in the early recognition and diagnosis of this condition.

The latest survey is based upon a previous questionnaire that provided researchers with valuable insights into horse owner knowledge and confidence in relation to equine colic.

It is hoped the results will build upon this past evidence and help establish where the campaign has been most beneficial to horse owners and carers.

Participants do not need to have completed the previous survey in order to take part.

The survey can be accessed here.

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