Free gut health course on offer for Ontario’s racing grooms and trainers


A free online course on Gut Health and Colic Prevention is being offered by Equine Guelph to the first 50 grooms and trainers to register from each racing sector in Ontario.

The three-week online course for those in the Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse industries will run from January 22 to February 11, 2018 on Equine Guelph’s new online training platform, The Horse Portal.

For the first time, trainers and grooms from the three sectors will come together in discussion groups to share expertise and experience with each other.

According to the 2016 Equine Guelph Horse Racing Industry Survey, gut issues were ranked as the No.3 health issue behind respiratory issues and injuries. Not only is colic the leading killer of horses, but it is a major issue facing the horse racing industry. Excessive amounts of grain in the diet and forage variation are thought to contribute to an increased risk of colic and other gut issues. Changes in stabling, exercise level and stress may also cause an increased risk of colic.

“Educating the horse racing community on how to reduce the risk of colic and gut issues will be extremely valuable to grooms and trainers,” says Hugh Mitchell, Chair of Ontario Racing. He adds, “This training will also benefit the health and well-being of the elite equine athletes as well.”

The three-week online short course will be flexible and practical with content appropriate for the racing industry. The course will be delivered from respected experts from the horse racing community.

Registration costs $95 but the 150 free courses will be administered on a first-come-first-served basis to the first 50 trainers and grooms from each sector.

The program is an online training partnership between Ontario Racing and Equine Guelph, with funding provided by Grand River Agricultural Society.

To register, go to and apply the appropriate coupon code for the free course.

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