Double trouble: Grevy’s zebra foals make arrival at London zoo


Two new Grevy’s Zebra foals have been born at London’s Whipsnade Zoo, with the latest being the 36th of the species born there.

Filly foal Katie was born to first-time mum Nafisa on September 10, and was joined by a colt on September 19. The later arrival’s name is Kito, who was born to Henna.

Katie seemed delighted to have a playmate, and the pair have been tearing around their enclosure, much to the amusement of keepers and visitors.

Team Leader Mark Holden said: “Like all zebras, when Katie and Kito were born they just seemed to be all ears and legs.

“It wasn’t long before they were bounding around together, running and jumping around at a huge pace, before eventually running out of steam and returning to their respective mums.

“It’s all typical behaviour for young zebra foals, as they learn what their legs are for, then going back to mum for comfort. Katie and Kito are settling in really well, interacting with the rest of the group of Grevy’s zebras here at the Zoo and exploring their surroundings.”

Grevy’s Zebras are classified as Endangered by the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, and there are thought to be only around 2600 Grevy’s zebras left in the wild.

“We’re very privileged at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo to have successfully bred this beautiful but endangered species for 29 years,” Holden said.

“Kito is our 36th Grevy’s zebra foal born here as part of the European Endangered Species Programme.”

Nafisa with her filly foal Katie, who was born at London's Whipsnade Zoo on September 10.
Nafisa with her filly foal Katie, who was born at London’s Whipsnade Zoo on September 10.

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