Riding alone? New alert system could save you (and your horse)

EquiSure promises peace of mind for both riders and their loved ones.
EquiSure promises peace of mind for both riders and their loved ones.

A French company has developed a safety system for horse and rider which sends out an alert in the event of an accident.

The developers of EquiSure, French start-up IMInnov, which is based near Carcassonne, say in Europe alone nearly 6000 riding accidents occur every year, with 45% of those being riders on their own.

EquiSure beacons in use on the rider's helmet, and the top of horse's headpiece.
EquiSure beacons in use on the rider’s helmet, and the top of horse’s headpiece.

IMInnov is launching a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter on October 10 to bring EquiSure to the market.

With Equisure, riders record on a dedicated application their personal data and the phone numbers of those to be notified in the event on an accident. A beacon is placed on their riding helmet and another on the horse’s tack which also includes a SIM card.

In the event of a fall, a message is first sent to the rider. If the rider is conscious and doesn’t need help, they can cancel the alert using their own device (SOS button) or mobile phone, to prevent a false alarm.

If the rider remains unconscious or is unable to cancel the alert, the horse’s beacon is automatically triggered to send out a text message containing the GPS location of the rider and the horse, to the preregistered numbers.

Using the geolocation data, EquiSure will show the position of the distressed rider and also track the horse if it has run off. The rider can also initiate an alert by using the SOS button on their beacon.

This alert is also sent to the pre-registered contacts.

IMInnov says that some 65% of equestrians ride out alone, so when running in “reassure” mode, EquiSure can also track the rider’s location at all times.

The system runs on Bluetooth 4.0, and is compatible with both IOS and Android. It can work for four hours in “ride” mode and two in “alert” mode. It will also work without GPS or GSM reception.

The EquiSure beacons.
The EquiSure beacons.


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