Buzz off! Top tips to rid horses of those pesky flies


Taking control of flies to keep horses comfortable in warm weather can seem a mammoth, never-ending task.

Flies are an inevitable bane of summer but there are several ways to beat them and using an insecticide is a good first line of attack.

Zoetis vet Wendy Talbot has shared several tips to help keep horses fly free.

“Using an insecticide as opposed to a repellent at regular intervals throughout the summer will help to reduce the overall fly population. This is because an insecticide aims to kill the fly as soon as possible after contact with no biting needed,” Talbot said.

“Only use an insecticide or repellent that’s specifically designed for use on horses though, and always speak to your vet or suitably qualified person for the right information on what to use. Couple this with good stable management and you’ll find the flies really will buzz off!”

Here’s how to help keep your horse fly-free:

  • Use a spray insecticide on your horse’s coat and a cream product on sensitive areas such as ears and sheath.
  • Try a specifically designed insecticide in areas around the horse’s stable where flies congregate such as the roof or on mesh around the windows – always check the product label carefully to ensure it is safe to use in a horse’s environment.
  • Regularly clear horse droppings away from the stable and pasture so flies can’t breed in them.
  • Keep the muck heap well away from where your horse sleeps and grazes.
  • Keep the stable scrupulously clean.
  • Make sure there are no puddles near the stables.
  • Invest in a fly rug and/or a fly facemask on your horse if it is badly affected.
  • Stable your horse in mornings and evenings when most flies are about.

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