“Wild Horse Fire Brigade” concept under US Dept of Interior review

A juniper tree frequented by horses.
A juniper tree frequented by horses – there’s no fuel for fires underneath. © Laura Simpson

On Thursday August 10, I had a 30-minute conference call with several members of Secretary Ryan Zinke’s senior staff at the Department of the Interior in regard to the preliminary materials they had received about the initiative known as the ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade.’ (‘WHFB’). 

This initiative addresses three exigent issues of significant importance to the DOI, US Department of Agriculture (USDA), BLM and theUS Forest Service (USFS):

  1. The current and future disposition of the free-roaming wild horses that have been removed from herd management areas (HMAs) and are currently being warehoused by BLM in corrals. The estimated number of corralled wild horses is about 55,000 wild horses; and,
  2. The current and future status of state and national disasters related to the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires that have evolved into annually occurring ‘megafires’, which are deforesting large areas of the United States. These massive super-hot wildfires result in the extensive loss of trees, watersheds, animals, homes, structures, property and human life, and are clearly a threat to the national security of the United States due to their ability to adversely affect critical infrastructures; and,
  3. The current and ongoing serious population declines in cervid herds (deer, elk and moose) across America, which is attributable to both disease (chronic wasting disease: ‘CWD’) and excessive depredation by disproportionately large populations of predators, primarily mountain lions and coyotes.
A horse in the Bureau of Land Management’s​ (BLM)​ Challis Field Office​ ​Corral. © Devin Davis / BLM

This was the result of a lot of help politically from people who care deeply about our wild horses, our forests, the watersheds, the forest animals, and the future of America. One person of great note is Jackson County (Oregon) Commissioner Colleen Roberts, who helped me to climb up a political and governmental organizational ladder with the Wild Horse Fire Brigade (#WHFB) initiative.

United States Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.
United States Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

And there are several scientists who have helped to educate me on the issues and how the Wild Horse Fire Brigade could make a very important contribution to saving our forests and the related natural resources; including but not limited to: Dr Paul Hessburg – USFS, Dr Mark Zabel – Prion Research Center, Dr Kent Webb – Deer Friendly CA, Dr Craig Downer –Ecologist, Dr Ross MacPhee – Curator Vertebrates – American Museum of Natural History.

What happens next depends on many variables, the majority of which are far beyond me. I have done what I said I would do; the initiative is now at the DOI.

But what happens next is not beyond the American people nor the readers of this report, who as a result of this all-important first-look by the DOI, have a genuine opportunity to support an initiative that was certainly interesting enough to attract an initial query from the top echelon at DOI.

Make no mistake! This wasn’t the result of some rant email or letter sent into a blind email drop for ‘input’. This was a scheduled, on the agenda conference-call, the real-deal.

As many readers know, the BLM reports to the DOI and the staff there. So from my chair this was the best meeting I could hope for, since these senior staffers (Deputy Directors) are the ones who collectively and individually report directly to Secretary Ryan Zinke, and the BLM reports to him.

I believe this is our big chance to save thousands of wild horses from the BLM corrals!

The only remaining question is WHAT will you do?

And if you’re not sure what to do, here is what I suggest:

  1. Copy this story and mail it to you legislators as well as emailing it to them.
  2. Call your legislators and tell them about Wild Horse Fire Brigade and ask them to look into it.
  3. Email the DOI, BLM, USFS and the USDA and send them this story.
  4. Tweet this story and share it on Facebook; then share the links for WHFB
  5. Do all of the above at least twice a week or more if you can … too much is not enough.
  6. Study the initiative and the issues it addresses so you are able to discuss it with supporting knowledge; know the facts.

Here are the links to Wild Horse Fire Brigade:

Can the Wild Horse Fire Brigade really work?

Fighting wildfires with wild horses – an untapped equine fire brigade

More info here:  https://www.horsetalk.co.nz/author/billsimpson

Lost grazing on burned out grass, replacement fences and damaged stock facilities all add up in the economic losses.
Lost grazing on burned out grass, replacement fences and damaged stock facilities all add up to the economic losses caused by fires. © Kay Ledbetter, Texas A&M AgriLife

William E. Simpson

William Simpson is the author of Dark Stallions - Legend of the Centaurians, proceeds from which go towards supporting wild and domestic horse rescue and sanctuary. » Read Bill's profile

18 thoughts on ““Wild Horse Fire Brigade” concept under US Dept of Interior review

  • August 13, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    I will do all I can. I’m a single mom of special needs child with a lot of health issues but I have been posting photos of HORSES rescued and adopted by #DHOH in CO.

  • August 14, 2017 at 12:51 am

    There is no excessive depredation by disproportionately large populations of predators, primarily mountain lions and coyotes as the USDA kills hundreds of moutain lions and thousands of coyotes yearly.. Predators are needed for a balance of nature and mostly only kill old, sick and weak animals. Hunting and livestock over-grazing probably cause some of the decline as well as climate change .

    • August 14, 2017 at 12:04 pm

      Dear Barbara:

      Please get caught up on current wildlife population studies before jumping-in with off-the wall nonsense like this… Trust me, the Kitty-Litter Daily just has fairy tales written by people who think lions are cuddly animals; they are definitely not ‘cuddly’.

      I grew up in the remote wilderness of the Applegate Valley in the 1960’s with all the wild critters you could imagine, including lions, bears, coyotes, badgers, sankes, etc. I lived in ecosystems that were ‘in balance’ and also ‘out of balance’ and when you are part of an ecosystem, trust me, you know the difference. Largely due to people who read about this stuff, and haven’t lived 24/7 365 for decades, and then try to manage or add inexperienced input without facts; that ends in disaster. These same people tend to misinform others… they haven’t the experience needed.
      I do this for a living (interviewing experts and writing about wildlife and horses) and we live off the grid (no streets, no TV, no power, etc.) in the Soda Mountain Wilderness with all the WILD ANIMALS. I have lived with wild animals in the remote mountains for decades. We see WILD close-up and in person… and here, unlike at the Zoo, or on National Geographic, they can attack and kill you. We are the ones that have to deal with all the dead babies we find, and try to fix their gruesome injuries.
      The lions and coyotes in America are responsible for the excessive depredation of cervids, and that is a fact. It’s a fact here with deer and our herd of horses, which has declined due to depredation over the past years. Quite the contrary to the idiotic BLM blanket statement that wild horse populations double every four-years, here in the real world, our herd of horses has gone down from 67 adults to 57 adults in 4-years. Here in the real-world on our 1,000 acres that is in the wilderness area (not on TV or some kitty lovers club website) lions kill several adult horses and many foals every year, along with deer, and coyotes kill many foals and deer. This year alone we lost over a dozen foals of all ages, up to 6 months old; we have 4-babies left out of 16, and one of those was already attacked a month back and the other two days ago. We’ll be lucky if just one makes it to adulthood.

      The black tail deer here in CA are running close to being under protected status due to low population numbers. California Department of Fish & Wildlife (‘CDFW’) (maybe you have heard of them) say there are 6,000 mountain lions in the State; the experts I have interviewed say the number is closer to 8,000 mountain lions in CA. Any wildlife biologist will tell you the one lion eats about 50 or more deer each year. So according to Fish & Game numbers, that’s 300,000 deer as lion chow. And according to other experts that number may be higher. Then the coyotes take their cut. We have about 350,000 deer in the whole state, again, according to CDFW… Do the math! If lions eat 300,000, and coyotes eat another 50,000, how many deer are left our of 350,000 to start with? Not many!

      And the reason lions are now commonly seen in big cities like LA and SF, etc. is because there are too many in the mountains, and the older territorial males run the younger males out of their hunting areas. And when there are less deer (and horses) the area a male lion needs has to be much larger to enclosed enough prey. So the younger males (who are typically around 100 pounds) will move to urban and city areas and eat people’s pets (yep, that’s happening a lot now). Read it and weep:

      The large mature male lions out here weigh about 200-225 pounds, some larger, and they can kill and eat anything they see, and do. We regularly lose horses that are 800-1200 pounds to lions. I have many, many photos and have documented many such kills with F&G and the local Sheriff… so better think again…

      Then we have Chronic Wasting Disease and vehicular accidents, and finally hunting… Depredation by disproportionate numbers of predators IS the problem.



      William Simpson – Wildhorse Ranch

      • August 15, 2017 at 12:30 pm

        I think the fire brigade idea is a good one. I do disagree regarding the ” huge numbers of predators” tho. I’m not aware of exactly what the “Kitty Litter Daily” consists of, but I am aware that lions arent cuddly! Having read comments by Barbara Warner and Marybeth Devlin many times, comments that are always intelligent & well researched, I wouldnt call either of them nonsense. Wildlife Services is more & more in the public eye lately because of their indiscriminate slaughter of not only predators, but far too many domestic & endangered animals.

  • August 15, 2017 at 10:16 am

    BLM has been perpetrating a hoax regarding the number of captive wild horses supposedly being kept in holding-corrals. Following a five-year investigation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation just issued a White Paper that exposed the fraud. Here is the link to that report and supporting documents.


    Wild horses are natural fire-prevention agents. Our goal should be to keep wild horses on the range. To do that, we must stop the roundups, which are based on falsified herd-growth figures. If you’d like to free captive wild horses on your ranch to support the Fire-Brigade pilot-project, sale-eligible horses could be the answer. Free shipping to your site could also be negotiated — BLM has done it before.

    In light of statistics obtained from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), the perceived decline in deer-herds you report seems to reflect a local issue. For the period 2007 through 2017, inclusive, here are the stats for California’s deer population:

    503,977 = average number
    484,750 = median number
    532,621 = current number (2017)


    California’s elk-herds appear to be making a come-back. According to DFW, reintroduction and conservation measures have produced significant population-growth in Tule elk:

    1970 = 3 herds with 500 elk
    2017 = 22 herds with 4,200 elk


    The reasons for the previous decline in California’s elk were cited in a 2014 article: “Unregulated market hunting, competition with livestock, and the introduction of nonnative plant species all contributed to the decline of tule elk. What was more devastating, however, was the conversion of elk habitat to agricultural land.”


    The harvest-report for last year’s hunt, shows that 76% of elk-tags were filled.


    A few moose may have found their way to California, but your state is not known for having herds. Neither is Oregon, which currently estimates a population of maybe 50 animals, due to moose that “wandered in” from other areas. According to National Geographic, parasites are contributing to a decline. However, Mooseworld.com reports an estimated population of 795,000 to 985,000 moose in North America.


    Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is certainly of concern for our deer species. Concentrations of cervids are likely to increase disease-transmission. Predators are essential in taking out sick animals. I am confident that few of the scientists with whom you consulted would favor the culling of predators.

    Mountain lions and coyotes are, as you have witnessed, efficient at curbing wild-horse population-growth. According to DFW, California’s estimated mountain-lion population is 4,000 to 6,000 — not 8,000.


    DFW cites the importance of coyotes to the ecosystem, and blames human carelessness for causing coyotes to be killed needlessly.

    “Wild animals are in trouble, and the problem is people who are careless with food and garbage. Coyotes play an important role in the ecosystem, helping to keep rodent populations under control. They are by nature fearful of humans. If coyotes are given access to human food and garbage, their behavior changes. They lose caution and fear. They may cause property damage. They might threaten human safety. They might be killed. ”


    Mountain lions and coyotes are persecuted mercilessly. In 2013, Wildlife Services, a secretive agency that serves agricultural and hunting interests, killed 4,000,000 animals, including 345 mountain lions and well over 70,000 coyotes.


    In 2015, Wildlife Services killed 3,200,000 animals, including 68,905 coyotes. This annual $100 million war on wildlife must stop.


    Conservation Researcher Dr. Corey Bradshaw emphasizes “… just how important predators are for healthy ecosystems. Long story short — if your predators are not doing well, chances are the rest of the ecosystem is performing poorly.”

    So it’s good news that predators are thriving in California. It indicates that the ecosystem is performing well. When humans choose to live in mountain-lion habitat, they must accept the risks. The alternative is to move to the city.

    • August 15, 2017 at 2:59 pm

      Dear Ms. Devlin:

      I think you missed something… my Wild Horse Fire Brigade initiative (‘WHFB’), as it is before the DOI, is about potentially freeing some or all of the approx. 50,000 wild horses being held in BLM corrals that are knocking on deaths door, and may be killed if there isn’t some short-term miracle. Maybe you should go back and review the materials here at HorseTalk on the initiative.

      My wife and I are doing this work without staff or donations (which we do not want), so you’ll have to accept my apology since I am too busy to debate your numbers and conjectures, which I happen to disagree with, and could given the time, offer very compelling counter points and cites, supported by leading scientists.
      And this is America; so you certainly have a right to believe whatever you wish, as do others.

      As I studied the issues and research related to the devastating deforestation of America due to evolving megafire, with the background of the wild horses in the corrals on my mind, I had an epiphany; ‘Wild Horse Fire Brigade’. So I set to-work fully delineating and supporting the concept with science that supports the initiative, which has been well-received all around, except it seems by you.

      These converging issues; the deforestation of America, which is a national security threat, and the predicament with the wild horses in the corrals, taken together form a solution to both problems. WHFB.

      I think we all know that the horses in the corrals are in very deep trouble, and the DOI seems interested in what I have to say… that should be enough for now. There is hope.

      And if the fact that the DOI is interested in what I have to say troubles you for some odd reason, then I am sorry and saddened.. Just remember that the advocacy, it’s lawyers and spokes-people have had decades to speak and straighten this out.. and we still have a horrifying and ongoing train-wreck.

      Bill Simpson – Wildhorse Ranch

      • November 1, 2017 at 6:23 am

        You are both right. Wildlife services has had a tenfold budget increase for their contract and has gone after many of our predators in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado that I know of. Reduction of ungulates consist of mass shot outs under the guise of getting to close to town or just “Excess” oh, that word. (eg: SE Utah 2014 mass shooting 200 elk with 10,000 rounds, Helena, MT mass shooting of 350 deer etc.) Mr Hay iii of the RockSprgsGrazingAssoc. who won the zeroing of 3 grand horse herds in WY is now writing about the “Excess” of elk . It is a carnival ride for all.
        I want to thank both of you for your time and dedication toward our Natural Environments.

    • August 16, 2017 at 2:58 am

      The California deer population peaked in around 1960 with over two million deer so the currently population is significantly lower than historic levels. See research on this topic: http://www.hrpub.org/journals/article_info.php?aid=3427

      A large number of predators does not necessarily mean a healthy ecosystem, from a California study: “mountain lions appear to be controlling an already depressed deer herd, and they are apparently not benefiting the population by taking only the weak and old.” see: https://www.fs.fed.us/psw/publications/Popular/mtnlions.htmlColorado Parks and Wildlife is currently proceeding with a plan to cll mountain lions

      in an effort to stop the decline of deer populations Colorado is currently conducting an experimental cull of mountain lions: http://cpw.state.co.us/Documents/Commission/2016/Dec/CPW_Staff_Presentation.pdf

      This effect, know as the “predator pit” is currently being observed for coyotes that have rapidly expanded their territory recently, reducing deer populations, see: http://www.gon.com/hunting/coyotes-could-drive-deer-into-predator-pit

    • August 16, 2017 at 7:31 am

      Awesome info and stats, Mary. Many thanks.

  • August 16, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Replies to Mr. Simpson and Mr. Webb

    Mr. Simpson: We support your Wild-Horse Fire-Brigade action-plan. If it gets implemented, the program will surely save habitats, humans, and homes from devastating mega-fires. So, we wish you success. We hope that DOI will listen to you even though, to-date, it has dissed all other advocates. Maybe your new voice will reach the right ears. Maybe this time, we win for the horses.

    However, a bone-of-contention is your anti-predator position. Why? It would be used against the wild horses and against their environment. BLM’s constant refrain is that wild horses have “no natural predators.” That’s not true, as you know all too well. But, unlike your locale, many wild-horse habitats are kept purged of predators for the convenience of livestock-interests. Although declaring that it aims for a “thriving natural ecological balance,” BLM creates imbalance by allowing the extermination of predators and then using roundups to reduce wild-horse herds below minimum-viable population. BLM covets the role of predator, but it does a lousy job. Ecological balance needs to be restored, wherein true predators are allowed to fulfill their population-control purpose, thereby right-sizing the herds and promoting survival of the fittest.

    Mr. Webb: Deer and elk were hunted nearly into extinction around the turn of the 20th century; but due to reintroduction and conservation measures, their numbers have come back somewhat.



    But meanwhile, the human population grew substantially in the time-period you specified — 1960 to 2017 — in the states you cited — California and Colorado.

    1960 ~ 15.9 million people
    2017 ~ 39.5 million people

    1960 ~ 1.8 million people
    2017 ~ 5.5 million people

    Habitat-loss, habitat-fragmentation, and habitat-conversion have played significant roles in reducing the number of cervids. Weather-extremes, forest-fires, and disease have also caused declines. Professor George Wittemyer of Colorado State University’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology believes killing predators would have little effect on the deer-population. Instead, he recommends habitat-treatments — “… ensuring that mule deer have enough shelter and food, especially in areas where the habitat has changed dramatically due to natural gas development.”

    Predators were not the ones to hunt deer into near-extinction. Humans did that. Predators have an essential role in Nature. Without them, ecosystems become unhealthy. Predators may not be cuddly, but they are crucial.

    And “crucial” includes coyotes. Here’s a true story. In Utah not too long ago, ranchers blamed the local bison herd for eating up the forage in their allotments. Research was conducted. It revealed that jackrabbits were devouring more than 34% of the forage, while the bison ate just 14%. Worse yet, state and federal biologists estimated that rabbit-populations were below peak numbers during the study! The ranchers immediately knew what to do: Stop shooting coyotes. It was acknowledged that the excuse for the previous predator-control had been to protect the trophy deer herd.


    There is an ebb-and-flow — a synchronicity — between prey and predator populations. “The loss of these cycles, either through species extinctions or global change, may have drastic consequences for the stability of ecosystems and the persistence of species.”


    When humans interfere — albeit with good intentions — disaster often ensues. So leave the wild horses and predators alone! Protect deer-habitat! Stop over-harvesting!

  • August 16, 2017 at 7:57 pm


    At The Root
    Whether you’re passion is wild horses and burros, wildlife or just someone who loves to go hiking around in nature, eventually we all run into the same issue; the degradation of public lands by poorly managed livestock grazing and our government authorizing unsustainable numbers for decades.

    The question becomes why…..

    Why does public lands ranching have such a death grip on our natural resources? How is it that after all these years, little has changed despite overwhelming evidence of the damage? Why, despite all the laws and many, many good dedicated people in the government agencies themselves that have tried to effect change, nothing substantial can be done? Why is it that report after report submitted to Congress clearly outlining the mismanagement and malfeasance of livestock grazing to our resources, including wild horses and burros, is met with indifference as they not only continue to support livestock grazing but will viciously fight for the rights of ranchers time and time again? And how is it possible that just a handful of ranchers who produce less than 3% of America’s beef on public lands continue to wield so much power over our Nation?

    Well, the answer is, they don’t. The banks do, just like everything else these days and it’s the banks that continue to dictate American policy and cause Congress to ask “How high?” when they ask them to jump.


    • August 19, 2017 at 5:30 pm

      Hello Louie:

      There is a sickness that festers in some parts of the advocacy… like rot in the timbers of a ship that weakens the hull. People have been ranting and debating in the weeds for so long now, they are in a rut. So much so that they could trip over a solution and not notice… too distracted, too disconnected.

      Take a deep breath, and think. What are we talking here in this article? Was the title of the article ‘What’s Wrong At The BLM’? or ‘Why Are Wild Horses Being Ruthlessly Killed’ ? ANSWER: NO

      This is an article that focuses on a REAL SOLUTION that is being examined by the Department of the Interior (‘DOI’) to free 50k wild horses trapped in the BLM corrals.
      It is a SOLUTION that is on the table right NOW, at a level in government over the BLM and in some ways, over Congress, due to powers available under the auspices of the DOI.

      So the ongoing banter about what has transpired in the past is for the moment, not only irrelevant, it is distracting. How does ongoing rants help us promote the WILD HORSE FIRE BRIGADE at the very time it should be the total FOCUS of every post, tweet and blog by all horse lovers as the DOI considers it!

      We should all be spending every minute available promoting WILD HORSE FIRE BRIGADE every day for the next few weeks while the DOI is noodling on it! The collective POSITIVE energy of that many people is powerful, and can have an effect.

      The Wild Horse Fire Brigade is about taking the 50,000 horses currently in BLM corrals and releasing them into carefully selected wilderness areas in and around select forests where they will be free and back connected to a natural ecosystem. AND that is what this article is about. It’s also ABOUT getting people to FOCUS and put every drop of PASSION into promoting and supporting WHFB, and the article even has instructions on how to do that… please check them out.

      We are just starting to get traction in the mainstream media! And that is evident from the fact that the national radio talk show host ‘Lars Larson Show’ invited me as a guest for a 30-minute segment that was aired on 160 broadcast radio stations across North America (http://www.larslarson.com/affiliates/). Here is that show story and podcast: http://www.larslarson.com/wildfires-rage-horses-come-rescue/

      And now he along with his tens of thousands of listeners understand (at some level or another) what’s happening with the horses, and the SOLUTION (WHFB). But as horse lovers, we should be leading the wave on this!

      The ranting about what’s rotten at the BLM or in D.C, is not only unnecessary at this critical time (as DOI examines the WHFB plan) but is distracting other people from promoting the WILD HORSE FIRE BRIGADE.

      Once Wild Horses are running FREE again, THEN and only then, should we turn to the remaining Wild Horses and Burros out on public lands…

      IF you love horses, when there is a SOLUTION on the table, smile, project positive energy and promote the heck out of it… USE the same level of PASSION to drive the work of PROMOTING this genuine solution. NO DISTRACTIONS… Just FOCUSED positive energy on getting WHFB launched.

      And if you want to learn how to develop the ability to harness the same energy in the ‘field’ that the wild horses are hooked-into (along with all other energetic beings) learn about ‘coherence’ and then use it to raise your energy state and ‘connection’ to a new high. Use it to help yourself, and everyone around you, including the horses.

      My wife and I are most fortunate because our local herd of wild horses have adopted us, so we are exposed (at close range) to the coherence of families and of the herd… wild horses running free in the wilderness have very powerful energy fields, much more so that kept horses.
      A lot of things have to line-up to reach coherence with a family of wild horses… the horses have to love you as a member of the family or herd (that’s hard because most free-running wild horses are scared of humans and don’t trust them; and we all know why!) , and initially, you need to be within their immediate bio-field (within a foot or three). Some people will read this and think this is too far-out… trust me, it’s not… and to them I say, when you have a working understanding of physics and discrete energy fields, then come back and we can talk.

      Overview of ‘Coherence’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdneZ4fIIHE

      However, for most people, the fact that most people working at HeartMath are professionals in the fields of physics, medicine, and psychology, and they have quantitatively proven this paradigm, which is well published in peer reviewed research; and that is good enough.

      This is not some weird religion either… this is about tuning the actual electrical power that runs our body (which is monitored in hospitals when your seriously ill), and how to get back to where we use to be when mankind was in-tune with the discrete dialog that exists in nature and between beings living on the planet.

      I have written about the physics of the degrading human condition, which is a result of being out of touch: https://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2017/06/21/wild-horses-indicator-human-condition

      Lets all get behind the WHFB solution and use your energetic passion to post and promote the values of WILD HORSE FIRE BRIGADE at other sites where people are looking for and are interested in ending the abuse of the Wild Horses in the corrals for openers… And stay focused!

      IF you want to see corralled horses released back into selected wild lands in and around forests and regain their freedom, then use that passion to promote this new initiative… but first study all of it carefully so you will understand exactly how, where, when and why Wild Horse Fire Brigade (#WHFB) works to save the horses and burros and how it also saves our forests and forest-resources.

      Understanding WHFB is very important. There is already way too much misinformation out there about wild horses, and the last thing we need now is more misinformation.
      Thank you for your comment… but I think that at lease here, we all agree the wild horse atrocities must end. And this initiative is the beginning of an overall solution for the BLM horses… it’s one step in the right direction.

      Cheers! William

    • August 21, 2017 at 4:57 am

      Dear Miss Warner:

      I appreciate your supporting Wild Horse Fire Brigade (#WHFB) and obviously I think it is part of an overall solution for our precious wild horses. But I am just one man, who along with my wife, must oversee the well-being of the 57 wild horses ranging on and near our lands along with other ranching chores. We are currently in fire season here with wildfires blazing to the west and the east of us, both within 70 miles of our ranch. And there are now hunters coming into the area from bow-hunting, which poses risks from ‘any’ spark that could ignite all the dry grass here. These are not excuses, these are the realities. Like everyone who is truly concerned, Laura and I do what we can. We have limits.
      If however I did receive an invitation to attend the Summit from the people at DOI with whom I have spoken, I would consult with my family as to my potentially attending.
      The thing that is important to remember is; they already heard me out; me speaking on the conf. call with the 4 of them, without distractions or the circus of some ‘summit’. They had my written presentation and spent 30-minutes of their combined time.
      The summit will have many politicians interjecting their positions. This is why I have practically begged the wild horse advocacy to promote WHFB to all their contacts via email, social media & phone calls to politicians leading up to the Summit. That would be effective.
      I can only hope that the private time I had with the DOI senior staff has been reported to Secretary Zinke, and that he has that information in mind as he moves forward at the Summit.

      I know you have many connections in the Wild Horse and Burro Advocacy; please ask them to make a big push to promote WHFB now and continuing through the Summit.

      Cheers! Bill

      • August 21, 2017 at 9:45 am

        Bill, I will be glad to do what I can for our wild horses and ask others to promote WHFB. I hope the information you presented to Zinke’s staff will be presented at the Summit. Just wish you were going as it does not look like there will be one person there who is an advocate.

  • October 24, 2017 at 2:19 am

    Mr. Simpson, I feel your WHFB IS A GREAT Solution for our Wild Horses and Burros, I can tell You care about our wild life. I will pass all your information to others and the Senators that want to save the wild horses. Thank You Nancy

  • November 1, 2017 at 6:51 am

    How is it going, have you heard back from the DOI. I have posed the question of the brigade to several BLM facebook pages and do not get any response. Nor to the repatriation of horses back into their already dedicated territories. I do know the law says no relocation of those horses still thought under the Laws protection.
    Much energy is going toward congress to stop the Stewart amendment and promote the Safe act. My energy has been toward repatriation and educating people on what and where a Native Wild Horse is. Heartmath looked into the energy of emotion that horses create with or without humans. — 2012 Your Solution is being spread around. I see it all the time on social media. Thank you again. M

  • July 29, 2018 at 11:13 am

    Sharing this more and more and now the deadly fires in no. Calif. so many of our senators are like pieces of furniture, My rep seems to like Zinke, but my rep in Congress only got in office by Mike Pompeo going to DC last year. Blm has one way, the HIGHWAY for the horses. Thanks to the Cattlemen and their lies,,


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