Equine care and entertainment: There’s an app for that


Technology has been proven to be playing an increasingly important role in how we care for our horses. From ultrasound technology helping to treat injuries, to genetics helping to create the next generation of superstar racehorses, it seems that there are few areas of the equine world that are immune from technological innovation.

And whilst there seems to be apps for everything from communication to mobile casino games, it has often felt like there has been a distinct lack of app-based technology for horse lovers.

Pfizer's Stable Mate app.
Pfizer’s Stable Mate app.

However, all of that looks set to change as an enthusiastic group of app developers look to help us gain a greater understanding of our horses than ever before.

Equestrian fans have been extremely well-served by apps such as the Track My Hack app. This free app is able to check your hacking time by recording your route, time and average speed. What’s particularly impressive is the way that it enables you to match this data against previous hacks and even against fellow riders.

Whilst the Track My Hack app does a pretty good job of letting you add the details of your horse, the Stable Mate app’s main function is to organise your horse’s life far more efficiently.

From planning dentist visits to implementing a worming routine, the Stable Mate app provides a handy database so that you don’t forget any important event. Plus it even has a direct news feed to Horse & Hound to keep you updated on all of the latest equine news.

There are also many apps out there for ardent horse racing fans. One of the best is the TAB app which has live updates of many gallops and harness racing events and allows racing enthusiasts a simple method of placing a bet and checking up on their favoured horse’s form.

There are also user-friendly apps like 3Strike Horses that is a fun way to quiz your knowledge of the many different horse breeds. And there is also some surprising uses of horse imagery that has appeared on slots titles that are amongst the mobile casino games at Lucky Nugget Casino. And even if you tire of testing your knowledge about the difference between Hackney and Arabian horses, then there’s the Photo Finish Horse Racing gaming app.

This fun app gives you chance to develop your stable and breed the ultimate racehorse to compete in top racing events. And whilst it might not provide the winnings of a mobile casino, it represents a cool new way to enjoy horses on your smartphone.

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