Wild horses: An indicator of our human condition

Lakota enjoys a nap on Wildhorse Ranch, lying in the clay dust.
Lakota enjoys a nap on Wildhorse Ranch, lying in the clay dust.

War is being waged on American’s wild horses. Are humans today are out of touch with the natural world?

Most people living in the world today who are surrounded by an immensity of modern technology at every level in their lives would probably answer ‘no’ to the question of being ‘out of touch with the natural world’. And the reason for such a belief is the effect of a damaging meme. The truth may very well be the opposite; in fact these people are out of touch with the natural world to a much greater extent than they might discover.

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And the clear indication of mankind’s disconnection with our natural world is the overwhelming poor stewardship and management of the land and its animals. Wild horses are the latest casualty of many people who just don’t get it. They all fail to perceive that they are no longer able to carry-out an informed policy of management and protection because they are themselves far too disconnected from the natural world and the planet. They are ‘offline’ with the natural dialog and out of contact with nature and the planet, and under the influence of the current meme. [A meme is an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation. ~Google.]

Cooper, one of the semi-wild horses at Wildhorse Ranch.
Cooper, one of the semi-wild horses at Wildhorse Ranch.

One aspect of the currently evolving meme is that many people incorrectly believe that the Internet combined with other media sources of information have brought them closer to the natural world. However such an assessment is the direct result of defective socio-psychological influences stemming from the meme, which shades the background for understanding the world. This is coupled with a debilitating sensory atrophy that has overtaken society and is adversely affecting the human condition.

The meme nevertheless supports the adoption of all-things high tech and a common misconception that short-term exposure to nature via weekend outings to developed nature destinations and vacations in the outdoors coupled with documentary TV shows like National Geographic and Animal Planet along with various books and publications provides the needed ‘connection to the natural world’ as well as an understanding of that world and the infinite universe around us.

The core of the problem here is that there is a dialogue (discrete energy) that is akin to a language in the natural world that informs the human spirit and heart. Unlike society today, ancient mankind were not submerged in a sea of ‘RF smog, which these days greatly affects our biology and cerebral functions, unlike a century ago when much mankind had a subliminal dialog with nature and the Creator.

The meme also attempts to cast doubts on the existence of a Creator, however it is well known in the fields of science that matter, plus time, does not yield life; life can only come from life as it is correctly pointed out in this ground breaking documentary video: Resonance

The great disconnect

Modern mankind is being side-railed by technology leading to a genuine disconnect with the natural world and our planet. The illusion of ‘connectivity’ that is provided by technology, social media platforms and the other substitutes for the real thing are part of the manifestations of today’s agnostic technocrats, who themselves have little if any real understanding and connection to nature and the planet we all must live upon and share. Technocrats are part of a real and growing problem on planet earth.

People have lost a critically important natural life-source that before the rise of technology supported our physiological and mental well-being. Today, when people are being candid, many admit being largely unsatisfied and unfulfilled with their lives and depressed to some extent. And no matter how much they have materially, they want more. There is an insatiable gaping hole in the middle of many people’s lives, which had been fulfilled in past millennia, but has since been left unfilled regardless of the limitless indulgence of spiritualism, hedonism and materialism, coupled with tech device addictions. People are searching for something critical that has gone missing … a connection to the life-source that in the past guided and inspired the hearts and minds of mankind.

According to an article by Eric Sass at Media Post, ‘People Prefer Social Media To Face-to-Face Communication’: “Among the many ironies of our modern digital lives, one of the more amusing is that social media is actually sort of anti-social when you consider its tendency to displace “real” face-to-face communication. But maybe it’s not so ironic after all: a new survey suggests that people consciously favor social media to other forms of communication, implying a deliberate choice to be, well, antisocial”.

Black and his family with babies Butterfly and Cupcake asleep in the grass at Bill Simpson's Wildhorse Ranch.
Black and his family with babies Butterfly and Cupcake asleep in the grass at Bill Simpson’s Wildhorse Ranch.

The fact is, modern media and the myriad of tech devices that are now ubiquitous have created a new meme that has diverted a major portion of modern society and legislators onto an evolutionary path that sharply diverges from the path of mankind though the millennia, a path that was intimately connected with nature through a complex and intricate web of inter-species symbiotic relationships and dialog.

Survival in a tribal sense

Looking deep into the commonalities of ancient tribes, there were, regardless of location, harmonies and survival advantages that reinforced the meme of tribalism and nature. As time went on, survival efficiencies grew and core functions that supported basic survival for all members required less and less time out of the day. This ultimately allowed members of the tribe leisure or spare time to begin to engage in activities that were unrelated to the daily needs of survival, and also to contemplate concepts well beyond daily needs.

Ultimately, a class of people evolved within tribes who were focused on shamanic practices, with a focus on life-source. In many cases the shaman or medicine man, was a naturopathic healer, who blended plant and mineral based pharmacology with mysticism, which followed from a sincere belief that an all-powerful Creator had provided the tribe with a place to live and the means to survive, which included food, water and medicine as a part of their environment. And maybe most importantly, these ancient people had the ability to perceive a planetary pulse, a discrete yet perceptible dialog with the world around them.

Twentieth century science has recently discovered that there exists a fundamental and critical planetary dialog with all of its lifeforms, known as the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is generated by the earth and is critical to all life on the planet. The Schumann Resonance is now well-documented by science and is very well explained in this intriguing documentary video:

As it turns out, science confirms that the Schumann Resonance has a very important effect on all organic lifeforms, and as a result of the rise of electronic technologies, the Schumann Resonance has been literally drowned out, along with a myriad of other discrete energies that are synergistic to all lifeforms on earth, including humans. And what I mean by being ‘drowned-out’ is just that; discrete energy dialogs operate at relatively low power outputs and mankind had evolved with discrete sensory perceptions to that dialog. And back when our planetary noise level was filled only by the sounds and energies of nature, the Schumann Resonance and other discrete energy dialogs were of sufficient power to be sensed by all the planet’s life forms. Today, that has changed dramatically, and mankind is pumping so much electromagnetic energy into the environment that it over-powers all discrete energy dialogs in most locations on the planet.

The fabric of the universe

Ever since college, I have been fascinated with physics, and the electromagnetic field that is the fabric of this universe. An institute called HeartMath has been undertaking some ground breaking studies and are at the rudimentary levels of observing the bio-energy fields which are integral to all life and the importance of the establishment of energetic coherence between people, nature and the planet. This might also be termed in physics as a ‘resonance’ between life-form energies; a kind of syncing-up of positive energy stemming from the source. Some of their earlier studies evaluated the autonomic coherence between people as well as animals and people, including owners of horses and dogs. The results are quite interesting.

Wild horses that are formed into families and the families that make up large herds are in coherence with each other and the entire herd. Indications of this effect can be observed in the herd behavior. Unlike a choreographed dance where everyone has rehearsed and knows where they are moving, wild horses move together almost as if they are ‘one’ being, and this requires various levels of instantaneous and ongoing communications, which clearly stems from coherence. This beautiful video has some scenes of horses running and they do so in a coordinated manner without running into each other.

Horses (especially wild horses) also have one of the most powerful heart-wave energies that have been observed using current technologies and methods, realizing of course that our sensor technology is not nearly advanced as organic reception systems that have evolved over the millennia to receive and interpret discrete energies (I.E. Schumann Res. etc.). The combination of a horse’s empathic abilities and powerful heart-wave allows for coherence in humans that is known to be healing to individuals who are suffering from conditions such as PTSD.

My wife and I were intrigued when we introduced a wild stallion (head of a family) to a war veteran (first meeting) who has diagnosed with PTSD. The stallion allowed the man close enough to pet him and it was clear he made an empathic connection with the man. When we asked our friend what he felt or sensed, and he said; ‘he felt a very powerful yet calming feeling that penetrated his being, and that feeling stayed with him for the entire day’.

It has also been observed that a horse in close proximity to a human with an irregular heart rate can be affected by the horse’s heart-wave energy and a resonant coherence can train the irregular heart.

Many people think of ‘energy’ in a fairly simplistic manner; voltage that comes from a battery or wall socket that powers stuff. But as some people realize, energy is a function of frequency and amplitude, as well as the dimensional orientation of wave energy that is manifesting what is perceived all around us. And what is critical to understand is that humans are bio-electric organisms, which is why we are sensitive to all electromagnetic fields (energy). There are now emerging disciplines that are endeavoring the study and understanding of bio-fields and their interactions with other organisms and their effects on physiology.

The unique abilities of the wild horse

Which again brings me to horses, and especially wild horses, which out of the necessity for survival in the wilds maintain the pinnacle of their amazing sensory abilities, but are nevertheless approaching extinction at the hands of the BLM. The loss of genetic viability due to low population numbers would lead to a collapse of an infinitely valuable synergistic species for mankind. These special horses are critical to the well-being of the planet and to mankind, even if many people are unaware of their value.

Most humans today are unaware of the unique abilities that are possessed by wild horses. Wild horses are not comparable in their sensory capacity to any other wild animals, such as wolves or lions. Because of their size, averaging close to a thousand pounds, acute sensory perception and empathic powers, they generate powerful bio-electric fields. Some of these energies are measurable with current technologies, and have been scientifically studied and reported upon. But it is suspected that there is a great deal more present but currently not measurable due to limitations in our sensory technology, which is not as advanced in many instances as biologically evolved sensory perception in animals. For instance physicists are still attempting to quantify and measure ‘discrete energy’ that is predicted by all the most advanced the models. And biology has recently learned about a form of interspecies communications between plants, as outlined here.

Wild horses Smokey, left, and Slater, part of Wildhorse Ranch's bachelor band.
Wild horses Smokey, left, and Slater, part of Wildhorse Ranch’s bachelor band.

People commonly speak of a sixth-sense in terms of a dog’s ability to sense danger. However, wild horses have a sixth-sense at a greatly expanded level, and they are very powerful empathic beings. My wife and I have experienced this first hand, over and over again here in the wilderness where we coexist with a herd of wild (feral) horses. It seems that at some levels, these wild horses can read your mind.

In the understanding and analyses of new and exceptional paradigms, humans tend to begin any such study by framing it with their own myopic socio-psychological values and goals, which is driven by the current meme. This hinders the collection and interpretation of data, including scientific data, as well as recklessly discounting the data that certainly exists, but which is in many cases currently remains beyond the ability of collection and observation using existing technology and methodology.

Hidden powers

While it is true that man-made observational technology does transcend biological-organic sensory observations in some ways, it is certainly not in every way. For instance, we are certain about the power of love, but we cannot yet measure or quantify this powerful force with any machine, a force that we clearly can sense and what is nonetheless a reality. We know gravity exists but physicists still have not established any universal agreement on the all of the characteristics of gravity, such as the speed of gravity. We also regularly see examples of average people momentarily tapping into bizarre power levels, which are not fully explained, but termed as superhuman strength, as outlined in this story, and others like it.

From a basic analysis of horses, their biology gives us some important clues right-off. They have the largest eye (organic light/energy collector) of any land mammal in North America and can see at night better than cats. We have a couple of skulls from horses that we have found in the mountains and that help our own studies. The nasal cavity is quite large compared to other land mammals, which provides the space for a large and powerful olfactory organ with ultra-sensitivity to molecular structures and the interpretation of those structures at a level that transcends any blood hound. And as a very simple example, a horse can smell water at great distances and can even tell if a human is a vegetarian or meat-eater (potential predator). And their sense of hearing is also equal to that of any canine. All of which data is analyzed and interpreted by a brain that is nearly as large as a human’s brain (~70%), with one great exception in wild horses; they likely use all of their brain capacity.

In the wild, the use of all the integrated senses (many of which people still don’t understand) is absolutely required for simple daily survival, and therefore are highly tuned and are evolutionarily driven towards further enhancement. Sensory perception can and does atrophy in biologic systems if it is not constantly used where a benefit is derived that enhances further positive evolution. This paradigm is readily seen with other forms of atrophy. For instance, muscular atrophy is readily observed when a cast comes off an arm or leg after months of non-use. And in most cases, it is very difficult to regain the entirety of what was lost.

Domestic horses are cared for in many ways. They spend their nights in safe places (fenced paddocks and barns), and they are provided with food and water. Even though humans think they are helping them, and truly love them, in some ways this ‘domestication’ is actually degrading them in many unseen ways, and their exceptional sensory perceptions are being permanently attenuated because they are not critically essential in these domestic relationships with humans, which might be characterized as symbiotic by some, given the horse provides an intangible supportive force to its caregivers. Furthermore, in some cases, horses that are kept in urban areas are subjected to potent anthropogenic radio frequency smog (more about that below), which adversely impacts a horse’s sensitive sensory perceptions.

A special communication path

Wild horses are hard to observe in nature (on public lands) since most have lost their trust of humans as a result of the abuses by humans (cattle and sheep ranchers and BLM round-ups) competing for land use with the horses. Such is observed by many wild horse advocates who must use long telephoto lenses to capture images as a result of prior adverse encounters with humans by wild horses.

Being able to live among them and being accepted into families provides an amazing opportunity to observe them at close inter-personal range. In this ‘space’ it is then apparent to even our relatively dulled senses that there is something very special going on. There is some level of continuous discrete energy (like a dialogue) that emanates from these horses and which serves as a communicative path between animals within a family group as well as between family groups, even at great range. This energy can be sensed by humans who have not allowed the dulling of their own sensory abilities. And I am not speaking of being clairvoyant or ‘specially’ gifted, per se.

Because this is such an important concept to understand, in order to fully grasp the concept, I will use a simplistic analogy:

If a normal man or woman who lives in the city is suddenly thrust into an off-grid lifestyle where cutting wood with an axe each day is needed for cooking and heating fuel, it doesn’t take long for the interaction between the handle of the axe and the palm of an unseasoned hand to cause the friction to damage the tissues and skin. In response to this, the body produces calluses to protect the palms of the hands, but in exchange for that ‘protection’ the hand loses sensitivity at the areas that have become callused.

The same thing happens to people who live in and around cities and urban areas where their brains (the senses involved) are hammered by the anthropogenic electromagnetic energy that is now streaming from man-made transmitters of energies (antenna’s and devices) 24/7 at a myriad of frequencies and amplitudes, and at biologically significant power levels.

And it’s not just cellphones and cell towers; there are dozens of emitters of energy, much of which is damaging to tissues, cells and affects the epigenetics of humans and all biologic organisms.

Humans put up defensive barriers around themselves all the time, sometimes consciously and many times we don’t know we are effecting barriers because we cannot sense the ‘axe handle’. For instance, when people get hurt emotionally they create social defenses so as to not get hurt again; we see this all the time. When we lay in the sun, our bodies produce a defensive UV blocking barrier in our skin called melatonin. This is an unconscious barrier being produced and is akin to many other barriers that are formed unconsciously but nonetheless greatly affect our ultimate well-being, sensory perception and total intelligence.

As with the far more simple process of developing calluses on the hands as a result of hard work and the desensitization of the hand, the same paradigm is at work with all the higher senses in the vast majority of human beings today, where, as a defensive measure, the body desensitizes its sensory systems to provide a protective mode. It’s like turning down a radio when it’s too loud. However in biological systems over long periods of time, the volume so to speak, may not be easily turned back upward at will. In other words, the protective ‘calluses’ that the body employs, which amount to de-tuning our senses into a protective mode are not easily removed and the lost sensory perceptions are very difficult to regain and fine-tune. And in any event, it takes a long time in the absence of adverse stimuli to allow sensory re-acquisition to occur. It’s akin to the prophet who ventures to the mountain cave for long periods to engage in sensory deprivation from the noise of society, which allows more bandwidth for sensory perceptiveness.

The point of this is in regard to the deterioration of human sensory perception at a time when optimal perception is needed to differentiate between the field-effects of wild horses versus domestic horses and the discrete energy dialog that exists between and around wild horses in their natural environment. And by way of the foregoing I don’t intend any insult to the incredible importance of advancing sensory perception such that human relationships, society and universal understanding might be greatly improved through advanced socio-psychological methodologies that take into consideration and integrate the significant and currently missing part of the puzzle.

The deluge of ‘RF Smog’

A more palpable but worrisome example is in regard to the Schumann Resonance, which is the naturally occurring resonant frequency (7.83 Hz) of the planet. Before the advent of radio-frequency technologies (TV, AM-FM, cellphones, VHF, UHF, etc.) the Schumann Resonance was measurable in most places around the world on land. Today, the radio-frequency pollution (‘RF Smog’) is so great, the discrete Schumann Resonance is now only measurable at sea far from land. What is now termed as RF Smog is so bad in cities and urban areas that it impinges upon the very delicate and sensitive senses of all organic life forms, including humans, who in many cases are falling ill due to this new man-made form of energy pollution. Like radiation from nuclear isotopes, RF energy moves through biological organisms and disrupts delicate inter-cellular electromagnetic systems required for life itself.

Having a background and comprehension of physics, even as a freshman in college, I realized the foregoing phenomenon had grown much worse over the four-year period (2008-2011) that my wife I had spent at sea expedition sailing, far from the anthropogenic RF energy. You know you are beyond the energy fields of RF smog when you can’t pick-up any AM or FM radio stations on a good radio receiver, and that’s how it is far at sea or deep into a wilderness.

However, when we returned to ‘civilization’, as it is termed, I immediately and literally felt the effects of the RF Smog shortly after we dropped the anchor of our ship in San Diego bay. It was like there was a sudden weight placed on my shoulders and I could sense discrete malaise that accompanied a faint headache that had taken hold, and stayed with me for days.

But, as I outlined above, my own body began the process of desensitizing itself to all of the RF energies that were impinging upon me. But in the process, many other perceptive abilities were shut-down and I could feel a kind of dulling of what was once a stimulating perception of the world. Fortunately, Laura and I were instinctively drawn back into the wilderness and once again we feel the way we did out on the open ocean; an expansive sense of nature’s universal energy field and a deep connection to the animals all around us in the wild.

Mankind has had a symbiotic relationship with horses over the millennia and in many ways, horses literally helped build the societal infrastructure that has evolved into recent times. In many ways, the status of wild horses is an indicator of the health of the planet and of the human condition.  But now as a result of the rise of the technocrats, whose limited vision focuses on value related to the utility of things and beings in a modern technological world, we find ourselves in a downward trajectory engulfed in a field of negative energy. A world that has already embarked on an alien trans-human evolutionary path, which in reality amounts to the devolution of mankind as a part of the natural world and its true wonders.

According to Wikipedia;

“The term directed evolution is used within the transhumanist community to refer to the idea of applying the principles of directed evolution and experimental evolution to the control of human evolution. In this sense, it is distinct from the use of the term in biochemistry, which refers only to the evolution of proteins and RNA. Maxwell J. Melhmanh has described directed evolution of humans as the Holy Grail of transhumanism. Oxford philosopher Julian Savulescu wrote that: ‘
Humanity until this point has been a story of evolution for the survival genes – survival and reproduction … we are entering a new phase of human evolution—evolution under reason—where human beings are masters of their destiny. Power has been transferred from nature to science’.

Of course these technocrats are already soundly contradicted by the science they claim to worship, where the new field of Epigenetics informs us that we are not destined to ‘be our genes’, and instead we now find that based upon environmental factors, our genes can re-write themselves much to benefit of the cells and the individual. Dr Bruce Lipton is a keynote speaker to this new breakthrough in molecular science and outlines this ground breaking information in this great video:

The simple answer is that the vast majority of humans living on the planet today are disconnected from the planet, each other, and the discrete dialog that exists between the planet and the multitude of species that inhabit it. However there are some humans who have made it a point of their lives to maintain that critical connection by living in nature and beyond the anthropogenic pollution and the effects of the meme. These are the people who should be called upon for clarity and sage advice in protecting and managing the natural world, including and especially our wild horses, since they are in coherence with nature and the planet.

William E. Simpson

William Simpson is the author of Dark Stallions - Legend of the Centaurians, proceeds from which go towards supporting wild and domestic horse rescue and sanctuary. » Read Bill's profile

6 thoughts on “Wild horses: An indicator of our human condition

  • June 21, 2017 at 10:55 am

    We as a species have lost touch with the authenticity of life as related to the natural world, something that is all around us and is part of our makeup. We have taken on an altered state of behavior towards other beings and have become unaware of how to interact in an integrated manner, utilizing intuition and empathy as being cogently real. The basis of physical life as we know it is cellular, which is made up of forces such as our ability to communicate and interact with animals on a spiritual level. Because all knowledge of the universe lies within our DNA and genetic composition, some more than others, it is more than a possibility that knowledge can be transferred automatically. We can utilize this energy to interact with each other, as well as other creatures. It is not beyond our capacity to commune with unspoken thoughts, a power constituted from coherent systems.

    William Simpson has outlined the probable answer to his question, and one comes away with a better understanding of the issue which highlights the wild horse as our means of survival in regard to personal awareness.

  • June 23, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Horses in North America are not wild. They are feral like the cats and dogs that run in our streets.
    This person does not understand connection to nature otherwise they would understand that horses drive away the elk, antelope, and other native animals that so dearly need our help to balance out the ecosystems in the US.

    Wild horses are beautiful and they are animals that very much feel, but they do not belong (just like the cattle and sheep raised out in those areas do not belong).

    The last wild horses in North America died out more than 7,000 years ago so the eco system is not there for them any longer without creating havoc and destruction for those it is there for. We aren’t trying to put woolly rhinos back in Poland so we shouldn’t be trying to put horses here in the wild. Pythons sure are surviving in the Everglades and they are also beautiful and feel emotions, but we are trying to catch them too.

    I’m not saying I know the solution to this, but letting them roam and continue to breed does not help nature, it hurts it. Just because we don’t like it doesn’t make it not true.

    • June 23, 2017 at 9:26 am

      Sorry Eleanor: Unfortunately you couldn’t be more wrong….

      First of all, let’s set the record straight:

      Wild horses are an American “native species” according to Ross MacPhee, PhD, Curator – Division of Vertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY

      Given this man’s impeccable credentials and experience, his findings are beyond reproach or debate. Here is an article by Professor MacPhee that makes it crystal clear:

      So if you think you know more than Professor MacPhee, maybe you should apply to supplant him as the Curator at the American Museum of Natural History… right?

      The finding that wild horses are a native species in North America is also shared by many other highly credible scientists, including Dr. Jay F. Kirkpatrick. (http://www.fchfa.org/docs/wildHorses.pdf)

      Anyone or any agency who says that wild horses are not ‘native to North America’ is just uneducated, misinformed or is intentionally lying about it for some reason, usually motivated by greed, mindlessly repeating hear-say, or following rank and file orders as is the case with some people at the BLM.

      People who spout this tripe about wild horses are doing the world a huge disservice through the spreading of false and misleading information…. Shame on you Eleanor!

  • June 24, 2017 at 10:54 am

    Great article. Thank you for the considerable time and thought you put into researching and writing it.

    • June 25, 2017 at 1:48 pm

      Thank you Elaine!
      And thank you for all that you do for the horses. ‘Fleet of Angels’ (http://www.fleetofangels.org/) is a remarkable organization and has done so much for horses, it’s hard to even begin, except to say that the horses know… Nickers! Bill

  • August 21, 2017 at 6:38 am

    It is true that the horses returned to living according to their greater nature are great healers of this living planet Earth. Their special beauty enhanced when free living in an adequately spacious and complete natural habitat speaks volumes!


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