New world-wide Holsteiner horse studbook established

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Holsteiner foal Hengst (Kingsroad x First class by Cassini I)
Holsteiner foal Hengst (Kingsroad x First Class, by Cassini I)

Germany’s Holsteiner Verband has established a new studbook following statue changes at its meeting in Neumünster late last month.

Non holsteiner stallions and mares will be able to be registered with the new studbook, Holstein Global.

For mares, the sire and the dam’s sires (over four generations) have to be registered with a sire’s book I of a breeding population acknowledged in the breeding program according of the Holsteiner studbook.

The mares must be presented to be judged and registered at a Holsteiner Verband event. The offspring of these mares will be admitted to the studbook Holstein Global provided they are by a Holsteiner sire (with Holsteiner pedigree) registered in Hengstbuch I. They can be Holsteiner branded.

Non-Holsteiner stallions aged six and over can be registered with the new studbook provided they are licensed and registered with a breeding association that is associated to the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) and mentioned in the Holsteiner Verband’s statutes. Additionally, the result of a comparable stallion performance test has to be provided plus statements regarding breeding and/or performance merits. The breeding committee deals with the applications.

These sires’ offspring will be acknowledged for the studbook Holstein Global, provided their dams are registered in Holstein (H, S, V I, ZB I).

Mark Todd (NZL) and Leonidas II put up a spectacular leap over the Cottesmore Leap. The combination is in seventh place going into the final phase.
Mark Todd and the holsteiner gelding Leonidas II at the Burghley Horse Trials in 2015. © Steph Freeman

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