Horses in VW commercial laughing all the way to the award ceremonies

Volkswagen’s comical horse commercial promoting its Tiguan model is getting the last laugh on its competitors, performing well in recent ad awards.

The commercial, which depicts equines mocking the woeful efforts of a man trying to reverse his horse trailer into a parking spot, won two Bronze Pencils at The One Show last month and has scored several awards at recent festivals in New York.

The ad was created to promote the German automaker’s Trailer Assist feature in the model.

The popular advertisement is the work of Hamburg agency Grabarz & Partner.

It was reported that Volkswagen commissioned market research to ensure the funny advertisement hit the right chord with viewers in the wake of the emissions scandal.

The company was keen avoid any potential negative backlash.

The ad scored very well in testing and was launched, going viral.

Volkwagen's laughing horses have proves a hit on the internet.
Volkwagen’s laughing horses have proved a hit on the internet.

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  • June 27, 2017 at 12:32 am

    This is so funny.. ūüôā


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