NZ Endurance forum identifies four strategic areas in need of attention


Leadership, marketing, promotion, administration and growth were identified at a forum as key areas requiring attention when a new board is elected to run the equestrian discipline of Endurance in New Zealand.

A forum last week, attended by 31 people, examined the strengths and weaknesses of the discipline after a series of resignations from the Endurance Board which left it unable to form a quorum.

The string of resignations followed several months of controversy within the upper levels of the discipline in New Zealand following board-level discussion of Endurance’s place within the framework of Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ) and even the possibility of “breaking away” from the body.

Thirty ESNZ members subsequently called for a special general meeting at which it was intended to move a vote of no confidence in the board. The planned meeting was rendered unnecessary by the spate of resignations.

ESNZ, in a released summary of the forum, said the annual general meeting for Endurance would be held in July, with nominations for the new board required by June 12.

It said a full summary of the meeting would be available online soon.

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