War Horse Heroes remembered: WWI campaign nears half-million dollars

This year the US will commemorate its World War One Centennial by marking the 100th anniversary of its entry into the bloodiest war of the century.

A campaign to commemorate the horses of World War I and help working equines around the world has reached more than $400,000 of its million-dollar target.

Brooke USA’s year-long Horse Heroes fundraising campaign was launched in January with the ultimate goal to raise one million dollars in funds to remember the one million American horses and mules who served in World War I.

In March, the US World War I Centennial Commission named Brooke USA’s Horse Heroes an official partner.

Brooke USA's Horse Heroes program aims to raise a million dollars this year to commemorate the million American equines who served in World War One.
Brooke USA’s Horse Heroes program aims to raise $1 million this year to commemorate the million American equines who served in WWI.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the USA’s entry into WWI, which was the bloodiest war of the century. Throughout the war, horses and mules carried soldiers into battle and brought wounded men to safety. They transported food, water, medical supplies, ammunition, guns and other supplies to the front lines, and their contributions were significant to the war efforts.

During World War II, some eight million equines who supported the war effort died. Of the one million American animals that suffered across Europe, only 200 returned to the United States after the war ended with the signing of the Palace of Versailles.

While horses no longer serve the military in massive numbers, today there are about 100 million equines carrying out many of the same jobs as they did 100 years ago. They are also suffering similar hardships leading to chronic suffering and high mortality as their military forebears, while working to support 600 million people in the developing world.

Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare charity, has worked in many of the poorest countries for 83 years to help alleviate the suffering of working equines that millions of people depend on for survival.

“We are very excited and overwhelmed by the generosity and support that has been shown so far during our Horse Heroes campaign,” Executive Director of Brooke USA, Emily Dulin said.

“With the goal of raising over one million dollars by the end of the year, we hope our efforts will significantly help improve welfare for working animals and promote sustainable practices throughout the developing world.”

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WWI took a terrible toll on both animal and human lives.
WWI took a terrible toll on both animal and human lives.

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