Challenge: Could you ride 100 miles in 100 days?

A new fundraising venture is challenging British horse riders to ride 100 miles in 100 days to raise £100. The money raised will go toward the work of international charity Brooke to help working equines around the world.

For MyHackathon, riders can either take part alone or share the distance with friends (for example 10 riders get together and ride 10 miles). To make things simpler, supporters can do their fundraising through JustGiving, to making it quick and easy for friends and family to sponsor them.

Riders can start their Hackathon now, and are encouraged to complete their challenge by October 31. Prizes, including certificates, badges and rosettes, will be awarded to those who reach or exceed their goal of £100.

It doesn’t seem like much, but just £100 pays for three portable water troughs or trains two vets, giving them the equipment and skills they need to help improve working equine health for a whole community. A farrier can be trained to trim and balance hooves for £143 and a mobile vet team can be kept on the road for two weeks for £106.

Brooke vet Ebony and her horse Francis Albert.
Brooke vet Ebony and her horse Francis Albert.

Thanks to MyHackathon sponsor, Trackener Ltd, riders will also soon be able to track their miles via a horse-wearable device and view data in a smartphone app. Trackener have developed a device that measures a horse’s heart rate, activity and behaviour 24/7. They’ve also developed an app, which will help MyHackathon participants track their distance and share their routes on social media.

By using the hashtag #MyHackathon and #TrackenerRide on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, riders nationwide will be part of an online community where they can share their successes and photos with each other and spread the Hackathon message.

Paul Munro, Community Fundraising Programme Manager for Brooke said: “By jumping into the saddle riders will be making sure they and their horse are getting regular exercise and staying healthy. Not only that, they’ll also be helping to reduce the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules. Ride for them, and make a difference.”

Register at To receive the free app which launches May 1, register on the Trackener website. For those not wanting to go high-tech, Brooke’s tracking sheet can help keep track of distances ridden.

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