Horse rider health issues explored: Girls, have your say


A survey for female equestrians focusing on health issues is about to close, but there is still time for more riders to take part.

Researcher Karin Pekarchik said the preliminary results from the survey have been “extremely encouraging” with nearly a thousand riders taking park, however more responses will enable the team to have the best dataset possible.

Karin Pekarchik
Karin Pekarchik

“There is wide representation from riders, and with more international input than I had anticipated. This breadth of data will allow me to analyze for trends, and contribute to female equestrian health,” said Pekarchik, from the University of Kentucky’s Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering.

“Both my project collaborator, Dr Kimberly Tumlin (College of Public Health) and I have been contacted by many respondents who are very interested and passionate about giving direct feedback, which has been incredibly helpful in making us aware of issues that are relevant and require further exploration.

“Cost of equestrian bras, other health related equipment, and the lack of female-centric design (in many things) are issues I’ve had in the back of my mind, and the feedback I have gotten so far from the community is echoing these themes. I am excited that other female riders had similar health challenges in riding as I had observed and the excellent response in the survey confirms this research direction,” Pekarchik said.

“In the short term, I’d like to reach or surpass my goal of 1000 participants. In the long-term, Kimberly and I are looking at the next steps. We may be seeking volunteers for further interviews as the research progresses.”

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• The survey “Attitudes, behaviors, and areas of educational opportunity for female equestrians toward bra use and health outcomes when engaged in equestrian sports” will be available until March 19, 2017. Those taking the survey must be 18 or over.

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