Study to delve into horse transport and related injuries in New Zealand


A new study hopes to learn more about horse transport in New Zealand and any injuries that arise.

Massey University veterinary science student Danielle Guiver has been working with a team of researchers to create an online survey that examines the practices surrounding New Zealand horse transport and any injuries to horses and people that may occur.

The researchers are inviting people aged 16 and over who have transported a horse in the last two years − with or without injury − to take part.

Information from the survey will be anonymous and there is no link back to the respondents. Individual responses will be confidential and only a summary of the data will be published.

The results will be analysed and reported in a journal paper. Summaries of the findings will be made available.

The researchers hope to find out some of the factors associated with injuries during horse transport in New Zealand so they can raise awareness and improve the health and welfare of horses.

The survey can be completed online on any device and will take around 10 minutes.


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