“Every horse can truly have a second chance”

Dr Maria Katsamanis and her Marwari stallion Bahadur.
Dr Maria Katsamanis and her Marwari stallion Bahadur.

US horse trainer and clinician Dr Maria Katsamanis has launched a rehabilitation program for rescued and unwanted horses.

The Pegasus Foundation will work to provide a second chance at life for horses that otherwise would likely have ended up being sold at auction or sent to slaughter. Once enrolled in the program, horses with mental or physical issues will complete a comprehensive transformation and rehabilitation process, with the ultimate objective of facilitating an adoption with a new owner, and providing them with a fulfilling and productive life as reliable equine partners.

“The Pegasus Foundation will provide comprehensive care and an effective training program for each these horses – to restore and transform them as individuals, and to increase their adoptability,” Katsamanis says.

“Our greater goal is to inspire people within the equestrian industry that through compassionate and effective training, every horse can truly have a second chance at becoming a healthy, fulfilled, and productive companion.”

Horses who find their way to the foundation will benefit from an initial restoration process, and when in full health, the transformation process will begin.

In addition to transforming the lives of horses and humans, funds from The Pegasus Foundation will also be allocated to produce educational seminars and workshops held throughout the year highlighting the step-by-step progress of horses enrolled in the program. Funding will also allow for the production of visual educational materials to document the changes in and progress of each horse. These materials will inspire and educate the public about compassionate and ethical training practices.

Dr Maria Katsamanis and her Marwari stallion Bahadur.
Dr Maria Katsamanis and her Marwari stallion Bahadur.

Experienced riders from all disciplines have been stunned by the transformation they saw in their horses after working with Katsamanis. Her wealth of knowledge and years of study include a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, and she continues to maintain an appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School. Her expertise also includes the integration of key concepts of the molecular and noetic sciences, a robust foundational riding background in the Greek and French classics, and an expert knowledge of horse and human physiology.

The Pegasus Foundation will operate out of Katsamanis’s home base, Amwell Ridge Farm in Ringoes, New Jersey, where she also offers comprehensive training and riding instruction, as well as boarding services.

In addition to The Pegasus Foundation, Katsamanis is also a highly sought-after seminar speaker and clinician, where she shares her knowledge and experience with those seeking to develop a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with their horse, regardless of discipline. Her book, The Alchemy of Lightness, provides an in-depth study of Molecular Equitation, the fundamental mechanics that underlie all human-equine interaction. As a clinician, she often utilizes her background in biofeedback and psychophysiology to “connect” humans with their own body signals.

“The Pegasus Foundation is committed to inspiring and informing people about the power and beauty of a horse living up to its full potential. The horse’s transformation into a masterpiece, into a sound and viable companion, will inspire and instill hope in those interested in adopting a horse,” Katsamanis says.

“It is my goal that through the Pegasus Foundation, we will have the opportunity to dramatically improve the lives of these horses, but also to educate and inspire members of the equestrian community at large.”




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