New equine nutrition service to transform horse feed management



British horse feed manufacturer Spillers had created a free new digital resource to help owners manage their horses’ nutrition and record keeping.

Spillers says their My Spillers Record site will transform the way horse owners manage their horses’ weight and feeding routine, offering a digital one-stop shop for personalised nutrition advice, weight monitoring and record keeping.

The new site seamlessly blends all the practical nutrition services that Spillers provides, such as their award-winning Care-Line, travelling nutritionists and weighbridge clinics. The dashboard forms part of the new Spillers website which brings a new era of practical nutrition and healthcare advice for horses.

Nutritionist recommendations via Care-Line or yard visits are automatically uploaded onto My Spillers Record that the ideal diet can be devised for a horse every time.

Spillers-Dashboard2Weight management can be tracked easily by uploading results from regular weight sessions using Spillers BCI calculator and Body Condition Scoring tool, and results can be shared with a nutrition advisor to help guide diet plans with efficiency and accuracy.

There’s also a Feed Ration Calculator to make it easy to identify the correct amount needed of each product to provide a balanced diet.

Spillers Digital Marketing Manager Rachel Austin said: “My Spillers Record has been designed by horse owners who really understand what’s needed to help with day-to-day care. The dashboard is user-friendly and data input is quick and easy.

The result is that all the dietary and weight management information you need is online, in one place and readily accessible to help you make the right feeding decisions every day.”

To set up My Spillers Record, visit or call the Spillers Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626. 

One thought on “New equine nutrition service to transform horse feed management

  • September 18, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    I guess they only provide info on their own feeds (like the Pryde’s site does?). For a feed calculation tool that’s independent of any feed company people could try FeedXL. I’ve no affiliation with it, I’m just a happy customer who is grateful to be able to access a comprehensive and independent tool. It’s not free of course…. But worth it if you need a hand choosing between feeds (or feed companies) on a nutritional basis.


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