US gelding program to be expanded


Funding for Operation Gelding clinics by the USA’s Unwanted Horse Coalition is to be increased and qualified organisations will now be approved to run two clinics apiece a year.At its annual meeting the UHC approved the expansion of the Operation Gelding program as part of its three-year strategic plan. It will fund the clinics to the tune of $100 per horse gelded, and also offer a voucher option, from January 1, 2017.

The UHC’s annual meeting on June 13 was held during the American Horse Council’s Annual Convention and National Issues Forum in Washington. It included 31 members of the UHC as well as 21 representatives from other equine industry organizations interested in reducing the number of unwanted horses.

Jennifer Purcell, PhD, who joined the UHC last March as its new director, said 50% of clinic organizers responded to a recent survey, representing organizations in 18 states. She said they reported lack of advertising, costs of travel, and inconvenient dates as the three primary reasons horse owners do not participate in clinics. Seventy percent said they would plan a second clinic if funds were available, and 81% expressed interest in a voucher option.

UHC Chairman Dr Doug Corey said there was a clear demand for additional castration clinics across the country. “The UHC is ready to assist organizations in meeting that need.”

Since its inception, Operation Gelding has distributed $67,000 in funds, resulting in the castration of 1348 stallions, and the reduction of many more unwanted foals.

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