Texas horse rescue cleaned out by thieves

Thieves targeted every item of tack owned by Winner's Circle Equine Rescue. Photo: Winner's Circle Equine Rescue/Facebook
Thieves targeted every item of tack owned by Winner’s Circle Equine Rescue. Photo: Winner’s Circle Equine Rescue/Facebook

A horse rescue in Texas has seen the best and worst of human nature as it comes to terms with a break-in which saw it cleaned out of all its gear.

Thieves struck at Winner’s Circle Equine Rescue, in Azle, overnight on May 28.

They cut the lock on the gate of the rescue and helped themselves to the nonprofit group’s much-needed tack, stealing everything kept in the horse trailer.

“Our saddles are gone, our tack is gone, our equine medicine is gone,” it reported on its Facebook page.

Even the charity’s Dodge Ram farm vehicle, which is nicknamed Dan, was taken.

The stolen items included a saddle that one of the founders of the rescue had received as a child 20 years ago.

Thieves cut a padlock to gain entry. Photo: Winners's Circle Equine Rescue
Thieves cut a padlock to gain entry. Photo: Winners’s Circle Equine Rescue

“We have been cleaned out. We don’t even have a halter for a single horse. The police have been called but it’s not looking good. Who the hell steals from a horse rescue?

The charity’s truck was later found abandoned in a parking lot. It was trashed. The dash was destroyed from the thieves removing the stereo.

However, the kindness and support of its friends and supporters has proved uplifting.

“We cannot possibly express how deeply grateful we are for all of the love and support we have been receiving since the robbery. We have a lot of work to do and we are still working with the police investigation.”

One of its founders, Ashley Whiteis, was full of praise for the Horsemen’s Supply store in Weatherford.

“We drove up to the store to purchase feed and discovered they had heard about the robbery. They had waiting for us a plethora of donated goods including two saddles, blankets, rakes, halters and more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Ted and every one else at Horsemen’s!”

The charity started with one off-the-track thoroughbred mare rescued from slaughter. It now provides a home on its 55 acres to horses of all shapes and sizes that have been rescued or surrendered.

The family-run rescue is operated by Adrianne Owens, John Wayne Frazier, Ashley Whiteis, Lacey Averyt, and Linda and Ray Owens

People wishing to donate can do so via Paypal using winnerscirclerescue@gmail.com


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