Step right up – Rio Olympic tickets are on their way


rio-ticketsTickets for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are being sent out from this week. The new-look tickets, which were unveiled late last month, feature the Rio 2016 pictograms, and for the first time in Games history, have one for each Olympic and Paralympic sport.

The tickets are being sent out by the graphic design company in the USA, which also produced the tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Staff at the company, which has 30 years of experience in ticket production, “live to produce tickets” said Donovan Ferreti, the Rio 2016 ticketing director.

A ticket in the “B” category for the preliminary dressage events will cost R$70, but an “A” category ticket is R$140. Finals are R$300 (A) and R$140 (B).

Eventing dressage ticket prices are R$100 and R$70, with the final jumping phase ramping up to R$420 for the premium seats and R$210 for the “B” seats.

The preliminary jumping events are R$160 for the cheap seats and R$250 for the “A” seating, and the final will set spectators back R$540 and R$300.

But the prices of the equestrian events are dwarfed by some of the others, including the best seats at the athletics “super final”, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball costing R$1200, and the diving, swimming and football final at R$900.

As of today, 10 Brazilian Reals were equivalent to about $US2.76 or €2.48.

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An official illustrated sticker album for the Games was also launched last week at a star-studded ceremony at the Olympic city’s glitzy horse-racing track. The album and stickers will go on sale in Brazil on Friday.

They proved an instant hit with athletes who are among the collection. “I have always collected stickers,” said basketball player Anderson Varejão of NBA team the Golden State Warriors. “I can’t wait to get my own sticker.” Varejão holds pride of place on the cover of the Rio 2016 album, alongside women’s football star Marta and record-breaking Paralympic swimmer Daniel Dias.

To complete the 56 pages of the album, collectors will have to hunt down 374 stickers. The majority of the stickers are of Brazilian athletes who will be competing at Rio 2016, plus other Brazilians who made their mark at previous Games, such as swimmer Ricardo Prado, silver medallist at Los Angeles 1984.

“It’s great to have this recognition after such a long time,” said Prado, who is now director of aquatic sports at Rio 2016.

The album also covers the story of the Games from their birth in ancient Greece, their revival at Athens 1896, the start of the Paralympic Games at Rome 1960 up to the first Games to be held in South America, in just over two months’ time. Within its pages, Rio 2016 mascots Vinicius and Tom share the limelight with Moscow 1980 counterpart Misha the bear and a series of today’s international stars, such as Usain Bolt, Lebron James and Novak Djokovic.

The album also includes a map and guide to the competition venues for Rio 2016.

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