New leader as NZ’s National 3* champs cross-country proves influential

Sarah Dalziel-Clout has taken over the lead in the CCI3 at New Zealand's NRM National Three Day Event Championship in Taupo, riding Benrose Super Star.
Sarah Dalziel-Clout has taken over the lead in the CCI3 at New Zealand’s NRM National Three Day Event Championship in Taupo, riding Benrose Super Star. © Jane Thompson

Sarah Dalziel-Clout has stormed into the lead after the cross country phase at the NRM National Three Day Event Championship in Taupo on Saturday.

Riding thoroughbred gelding Benrose Super Star, she incurred 7.2 time faults to move up from fifth after dressage.

The leaderboard changed dramatically after the cross-country, as there were plenty of issues and a very tight time to make.

“It’s the first three-star I have done since last year as I have been so busy. He was full of running, especially in the second half.  I think I may have let slip a swear word when he ballooned into the water, I hope no-one heard,”  said Dalziel-Clout, who is High Performance Director for Equestrian Sports NZ.

Benrose Super Star (Ebony Grosve) raced as Ashbury Grove, and had 11 starts in his career for a fifth placing.

Dressage leader Amanda Pottinger incurred 16 time faults on Just Kidding, putting her back to second place. She was thanking her lucky stars when her horse pecked badly jumping into the water, and she very nearly fell off.  “I don’t know how I stayed on, I had no stirrups, I was all over the show, and I got soaked, my saddle got soaked.”

Katharine Van Tuyl has not yet forgiven Double J Sunshine for his dressage indiscretions on Friday even though he put in a stunning cross-country.

“He is starting to get back in my good books. I was feeling really down last night and nearly didn’t start today but had a chat with Tinks Pottinger who said I had to, so I did.”  The pair put in the fastest round of the day, finishing with just 4.8 time faults.


Kirsty Sharapoff has taken the lead in the Bates CCI2* after the cross-country ride of her life, although she was giving all the credit to her horse. “He saved me so many times.”  There were only six clear rounds out of the 24 starters.

“This was the first time I have ever gone under time” Sharapoff said. “I consciously kept going, and did everything straight through.”

Fellow South Islander Brent Jury is just 0.2 behind after incurring 1.2 time faults. Juliet Wood is third on 53.2 after finishing under the time.  Jackson Bovill on Visionnaire continued his good form this season to also finish with no faults, and is close to the three leaders. There is no room for error for the top six, and a rail down will make all the difference in Sunday’s jumping phase.


Angela Lloyd leads the Fiber Fresh CCI1* after an impressive round on her six-year-old mare Lyrical.

“She is probably the best horse I have ever sat on,” Lloyd said. “This was a tough course for young horses and it is only her third one-star. I thought I would see how she felt. She was great and we just kept our foot down, she ate the course.”

Results after cross-country

NRM CCI3*: Sarah Dalziell-Clout, Benrose Super Star, 52.1, 1; Amanda Pottinger, Just Kidding, 46.6, 2; Katharine Van Tuyl, Double J Sunshine, 65.8, 3; Samantha Felton, Ricker Ridge Pico Boo, 74.7, 4; Danielle Wheeler, One Cool Dude, 90.8, 5; Renee Faulkner, Rubinstar HH, 94.2, 6.

Bates CCI2*: Kirsty Sharapoff, Shoot the Breeze, 51.9, 1; Brent Jury, SE Hedging, 52.1, 2; Juliet Wood, Waitangi Pinterest, 53.2, 3; Jackson Bovill, Visionnaire, 53.6, 4; Virginia Thompson, Man of Honour, 54.6, 5; Abigail Long, Enzo, 55.8, 6.

Fiber Fresh CCI1*: Angela Lloyd, Lyrical, 45.5, 1; Samantha Felton, Nochraha, 47.5, 2; Lauren Alexander, Classic Indigo, 48.3, 3; Karla Wilson, Stoney Mara, 49.3, 4; Dannie Lodder, Eon, 49.7, 5; Ellie Braddock, Braxton Boy, 51.7, 6.

Wairakei CCN105 Championship: Kelsey Leahy, Show Cause, 30.4, 1; Kylee McCambridge, Chicago, 32.2, 2; Chanel Hargrave, Moving On, 33.6, 3=, Kyle Calder, Apteryx, 33.6, 3=, Gracie O’Leary, Willesden Green, 33.7, 5; Donna Edwards-Smith, Sunset Pass, 33.8, 6.

AMS Saddlery CCI1* Open: Frank Phillips, I Told You So, 52.8, 1; Gemma Hampson, Just Imagine That, 57.4, 2; Shannon Galloway, Airthrey Jean Genie, 57.6, 3; Georgia Bennett, Johnny Castle, 59.4, 4.

Wade CCN105 Open: Helen Wither, Woodbine Just in Case, 29, 1; Cherie Jacques, Black Gem, 29.9, 2; Shannon Galloway, Day Walker, 32.9, 3; Susan Le Measurer, Lightman, 35, 4.

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