Are you as fit as your horse? Help at hand for equestrians to get in shape

The above video is the “Rider MOT”, working on the upper back, hips and glutes.

Jeni Douglas has created EventFit, to help riders reach peak fitness.
Jeni Douglas has created EventFit, to help riders reach peak fitness.

An equine sport science specialist has created a new fitness programme just for equestrians.

Jenni Douglas, owner of EventFit and Visiting Associate Principal Lecturer at Hartpury College in Britain, has launched a new website which includes rider fitness programmes, blogs, and a members’ section with full length workout videos, recipes, videos and more.

EventFit Programmes are based on research conducted by Douglas throughout her PhD into Event Rider Fitness.

“Trying to find a fitness professional with a knowledge of rider performance can be a challenge,” Douglas said.

“As a rider you spend a great deal of time and effort concentrating on your horse’s nutrition and athletic performance. EventFit is here to be the support you need as a rider.”

Douglas started EventFit as a way to share her knowledge of fitness to support riders in achieving optimal health, equestrian welfare and equestrian performance.

Programmes include the EventFit 30-Day challenge which requires no equipment, to the EventFit Phase Programmes which are a series of three, six-week progressive programmes to get riders into peak fitness. At the other end of the spectrum, there is a custom package for riders that want to take their sports specific fitness to the next level.

The members section is updated weekly and costs £5 a month. Members have access to full length workouts, “fix your form” videos, recipes, Q&A videos and mini lecture demos on topics relating to equestrian performance.

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