Twelve horses seized from common in southern Wales

Eleven horses and a foal were removed from Llangynidr Common in southern Wales. Photo: Redwings
Eleven horses and a foal were removed from Llangynidr Common in southern Wales. Photo: Redwings

Twelve horses have been removed from a common in southern Wales, and have since been signed over to the equine charity Redwings.

The 11 horses and a foal were removed from Llangynidr Common late in April in an operation involving the Welsh RSPCA, Powys County Council and Redwings.

Eight Redwings staff attended to help assess the horses and round them up.

Concerns for the welfare of the horses had been raised previously, resulting in a visit to the site by Redwings’ head of welfare and behaviour, Nic de Brauwere, and RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil. It was the first step toward the subsequent removal of the horses on April 26.

During the April 26 operation, Redwings’ welfare vet Nicola Berryman and another vet assessed three of the horses as being subject to specific welfare concerns. The RSPCA are subsequently appealing for information to find their owners.

All 12 animals were removed on authority of the Powys County Council using the Control of Horses (Wales) Act.

“The horses were removed as a group so as not to divide family units,” Berryman said. “Some of the horses were subject to animal welfare offences and were in a state of suffering, meaning they were not likely to survive if left to fend for themselves on the common.”

Since their rescue, all horses have been signed over into Redwings’ permanent care and will have a home for life at its sanctuary.

Redwings chief executive Lynn Cutress said the charity had been working to help horses on the Welsh commons for many years.

“Although our sanctuary is fit to bursting, we are delighted to be able to offer this group a home.

“We also hope those that are fit and well enough will be able to find loving homes outside the sanctuary through our rehoming programme, which will in turn enable us to continue to help more horses in need.”

Those who cannot be rehomed will have a permanent home at Redwings.

Following the Llangynidr Common rescue, Redwings helped the RSPCA and Caerphilly County Council in the removal of eight horses from Gelligaer Common. These horses are subject to welfare concerns and are under the care of the RSPCA while investigations into their ownership are carried out.

People can support the 11 horses and foal removed from Llangynidr Common by donating via the link at the bottom of this page

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