Rescuers come to aid of horses caught in Texas flash flood


Around 100 horses caught in a flash flood around Houston, Texas, were rescued on Monday in a major operation.

Firefighters, police and dozens of volunteers braved the floodwaters to guide the horses to safety.

The deluge proved too much for drainage systems to handle, with dozens of Houston subdivisions being inundated and highways submerged in the swirling floodwaters.

Water was reported to be 15 feet deep in places in what some have described as the worst flood in Houston’s history.

The horse rescue operation was focused on the area around the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center in Humble, where horses were struggling to keep their heads above the water and were being swept along by the current.

The center is on the edge of Cypress Creek, an area in northwest Harris County which has suffered flooding in the past.

Rescuers used ropes and boats, and swam into the floodwaters to help the horses.

The center has about 75 horses, all of which are believed to have been rescued. However, equines on other properties in the distruct also ending up in difficulty and required rescuing. At least a dozen horses from other properties in the area were successfully brought to higher ground.

No horses have been reported as drowned, but there are fears that some may have succumbed in the wider area.

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