High-tech “smart bit” for horses in the pipeline

The new "smart" bit being developed in the US.
The new “smart” bit being developed in the US.

Modern technology has given us the Fitbit – one of a range of activity-monitoring wristbands that have taken the world by storm. Now, a young US entrepreneur is promising us a technology-laden “smart bit” to help measure a horse’s fitness and performance in real-time.

Yijin (Jake) Huang, a 15-year-old high school student from Missouri, is developing wearable tech in the form of mouthguards for athletes, and his equine innovation is also development with his company, Sports Guidance Technologies.

“This is the first significant technological horse-bit breakthrough since Roman chariot horse racing began,” Huang said.

Video: Jake Huang talks about the smart bit from about 4:45 in the above interview with Christine Buck on KPLR11.

Sports Guidance Technologies (SGT) is a division of Wearable Networks, LLC, which is preparing to launch a comprehensive equine training developer’s tool kit. The system includes a patented equine smart bit that will measure the horse’s physiology.

The smart bit will alert the trainer when the horse’s biostatistics deviate from predetermined physiological set-points, in order to predict and prevent injuries from occurring.

“Any micro-physical injury that could result in impairment or destruction of health can be detected,” the company said.

Data provided by the bit would include real-time biometric data streams, a composite of the horse’s energy level, and alerts when a racehorse’s physical condition is less than optimal, Huang said

Yijin (Jake) Huang
Yijin (Jake) Huang
“The system identifies the relationships between biostatistics and performance statistics. These relationships are then translated to adjustments in a horse’s techniques, routines, and overall physical activities on and off the track. This will boost horse training by maximizing performance and maintaining a peak level of physical ability for as long as possible.

“With this technology, we are truly breaking horse racing down to a science,” Huang said.



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