Vet explores use of horse calming supplements through online survey

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A British veterinarian is seeking horse owners’ input on a survey exploring the use of equine calming supplements.

Dr David Marlin said horses can show challenging or difficult behaviours for a wide range of reasons, including genetic predisposition, previous unpleasant experiences or ongoing pain.

“There are a wide variety of calming supplements available for use in horses but there is virtually no information as to what people most commonly use calmers for, their effectiveness or the risk of side effects,” he noted.

The survey is anonymous, but those choosing to leave an email address will be entered into a prize draw for one of three prizes of £100 of supplements.

Marlin says the survey comprises a maximum of 10 questions and takes less then 5 minutes to complete.

He intends to publish the findings.

Marlin said no personal data collected will be shared with any third party and participants will not receive any marketing email.

The survey can be found here.

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