Escaped zebra drowns in small lake after being tranquilized

The zebra on the loose the night before its capture. Photo: @mihochuqn/Twitter
The zebra on the loose the night before its capture. Photo: @mihochuqn/Twitter

A runaway zebra has died in tragic circumstances in Japan when it stumbled into a golf-course lake after being tranquilized.

The young male zebra had been on the loose for hours, with one Japanese driver tweeting an image of the animal the night before.

It ended up on a golf course in Toki, with around a dozen people trying to capture it, including police.

It had made its escape from a horse-riding club on a farm in Aichi Prefecture, in central Japan, late on Tuesday, with authorities taking up the pursuit on Wednesday morning when the two-year-old animal strayed on to a golf course.

The zebra proved elusive, but was finally hit with a tranquilizer dart in the neck.

It moved off, but unfortunately ran into a small golf-course lake and fell beneath the surface. With the tranquilizer providing sedation, it most likely drowned.

The zebra was pulled from the lake within minutes but he could not be revived despite efforts, which included cardiac massage.


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