Rio 2016 to mark start of new anti-doping division for CAS


A new division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has been set up to handle doping cases, starting from this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

The move follows a decision by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which agreed to delegate the decisions on alleged anti-doping rule violations during the Olympic Games to an independent body.

The CAS Anti-Doping Division will replace the IOC Disciplinary Commission to hear and decide on doping cases at the Olympic Games, as well as the subsequent re-analysis of samples taken at the Games.

The move comes as part of the Olympic Agenda 2020 reforms, and follows the Resolution of the Fourth Olympic Summit to make anti-doping testing independent of sports organisations.

“This is a major step forward to make doping testing independent, following the decision of the IOC Executive Board three months ago after the proposal of the Olympic Summit. It represents support for the IOC’s zero tolerance policy in the fight against doping and in the protection of the clean athletes,” IOC President Thomas Bach said.

The delegation of the results management and hearings to the CAS is another step taken by the IOC in recent weeks to make the anti-doping system more independent. Earlier it was proposed that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lead intelligence-gathering funded by the IOC to make testing in the lead-up to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as efficient and independent as possible. Out-of-competition testing during the Olympic Games will also be guided by this intelligence group from WADA, to make it more targeted and more effective.

The IOC is working to ensure a more efficient, transparent and credible anti-doping system by taking all aspects of results management and hearings out of the hands of sports organisations.

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One thought on “Rio 2016 to mark start of new anti-doping division for CAS

  • May 19, 2016 at 12:56 am

    After 40 years in athletics I’ve come to the conclusion,that usage of peds can only be slowed
    By life time penalties. As it is now federations an time the suspension that allows cheats to
    Time it so that they can compete in next olympics or world champs. There I no fool proof answer
    But a start would be: life time ban,take all testing out of hands of federations,good quality controll
    And reparation of all money earned!!
    Coach of flanagan ,Rowburry ,Torrence , Manzano , Kipchirchir. And many others!


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