Jeweler’s campaign shines bright for working horses and The Brooke

Eye Gee's fine silver charm "Joy Ride".
Eye Gee’s fine silver charm “Joy Ride”.

A US jewelry designer has stepped up to help working horses in third-world countries with a campaign to donate $1 every time a visitor clicked through to her new website.

Dressage rider and Eye Gee Design founder Irene Greenberg launched the Facebook campaign in December to promote her website redesign, but increasing website traffic was not the only goal she had in mind. She opted to focus her ad campaign around benefiting and raising awareness for Brooke USA, an equine welfare charity dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Eye Gee's campaign raised $700 for The Brooke.
Eye Gee’s campaign raised $700 for The Brooke.

“For a lot of people, it’s the first time they’ve heard about it, since it is such a new organization in the United States. It’s good for me because I can raise some money, and my brand becomes associated with Brooke USA, which is a win-win.”

Greenberg has been a supporter and affiliate with Brooke USA since 2011. At local benefit shows and social events, 20 percent of the proceeds of sales of her designs go directly to Brooke USA.

During the month of December, Greenberg found a new avenue to advocate for Brooke USA while promoting her equine-inspired jewelry brand. Greenberg launched a Facebook campaign that vowed to donate $1 to Brooke USA for every user that clicked through the post to the new and improved Eye Gee Design website. She accompanied this call to action by providing some background on the groundbreaking organization as well as a link to the Brooke USA website in the post.

This promotion raised nearly $700 for Brooke USA. In addition, the campaign drove equestrians, Greenberg’s target market, to Eye Gee Design’s new and improved website.

“As much as I’m doing this to be altruistic, it is smart business too! It was an advertising awareness campaign for both Eye Gee Design and Brooke USA. I really am committed. I love what they do. Anything that I can do to help them become better known, or raise money for them is my goal,” Greenberg said.

Emily Dulin, Executive Director for Brooke USA said: “Irene has been a wonderful donor for several years and always looks for new ways to support our work – which ultimately benefits hard-working equines and the people who depend on them in some of the world’s poorest countries. Her most recent campaign is a great example of the many unique ways that donors can raise money for us and truly make a difference in the world.”

The success of this campaign was apparent, and Greenberg’s social media team,  plan to submit it to the Facebook Ads Awards in the ‘Small Businesses Using Facebook’ category.

Eye Gee Design is Greenberg’s line of one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by the strength, beauty, and grace of the horse.

Executive Director of Brooke USA, Emily Dulin, with Founder of Eye Gee Design, Irene Greenberg.
Executive Director of Brooke USA, Emily Dulin, with Founder of Eye Gee Design, Irene Greenberg.

“I wanted to create my own jewelry line because most contemporary horse jewelry does not capture the horse in a way that has emotional resonance for me.” Greenberg said.

“I find antique horse images have more of that magic. Maybe it’s because those were times when horses were a bigger part of everyday life. So my work is influenced by equestrian art from ancient Greece to the Victorian age.

“It’s a different style of equestrian jewelry than a lot of what’s out there right now.”

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