New York police horse dumps rider, makes for safe haven


PoliceA startled New York City police horse unseated his rider and took off through Times Square on Wednesday evening.

The horse, name Gunny, certainly had a destination in mind. He made for a midtown Manhattan parking garage where the police horses are regularly spelled by officers during shifts.

Gunny, a stallion, apparently was spooked by a loud noise. He reared and unseated his rider around 7.25pm on 48th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Times Square.

Reports suggest the mounted officer was dragged about 15 feet (5 metres) before being able to free himself from the stirrups. He was later treated for minor injuries.

Gunny, meanwhile, set off towards the garage.

He ran east to Sixth Avenue, then south to 47th Street before turning west and heading straight for the garage. He entered the complex and joined another horse which was being spelled.

Gunny was later calmly led from the garage and loaded on to a mounted unit transport to be taken home.

He was unharmed by the ordeal.

He was loose for about 10 minutes.

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