Charges over use of home-made cannon in Wisconsin

Authorities have decided to charge a 65-year-old man over the use of a home-made cannon in Wisconsin after a neighbor found her barn damaged and a horse dead.

The man, from Spring Valley, is charged with unsafe use of a homemade cannon and endangering the neighbor.

Authorities have not laid charges over the loss of the horse as they reportedly consider there is not enough evidence to show it was caused by a projectile fired from the cannon.

The Star Tribune reports that the neighbor went to feed her horses last July when she found a bowling ball on her barn floor and a hole in the building’s ceiling.

A 5-month-old horse was dead from an apparent head injury in its nearby pasture.

Inquiries by deputies from the local sheriff’s office revealed that a day earlier, on July 4, a neighbor had held a large party and her 65-year-old brother had brought his home-made cannon, from which he allegedly fired eight to 10 bowling balls and eight bowling pins.

The neighbor, who breeds horses, reportedly recovered at least three bowling balls and three pins from her property, which was nearly half a mile away from the party.

No law in Wisconsin forbids the use of a cannon.

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