New Mexico’s Sunland Park EHV-1 tally hits 72

Equine herpes virus.
The equine herpes virus.

The number of horses infected by equine herpesvirus-1 at New Mexico’s Sunland Park Racetrack since the outbreak was confirmed on January 21 has hit 72. Another two cases in Texas have also been linked to the outbreak.

The New Mexico Livestock Board, in a February 17 update, said a further two horses were released from the isolation barn on Wednesday.

Seventeen barns have now been returned to non-exposed status. It is understood 10 barns still maintain their exposed status.

The quarantine perimeter remains in place around Sunland Park, and includes the nearby Frontera Training Center.

The Equine Disease Communication Center reports that the two horses confirmed positive in Texas belong to a trainer who has horses at Sunland.

It said the information on these two positive horses was submitted to the Texas Animal Health Commission for follow-up.

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