Number of horses affected by EHV-1 at New Mexico racetrack stands at 66


The number of horses who have contracted equine herpesvirus-2 at New Mexico’s Sunland Park racetrack now stands at 66.

The New Mexico Livestock Board issued the latest tally in a February 13 update. The February 10 tally stood at 62.

The board said 11 of the 20 or so barns affected by the outbreak have been returned to what it termed non-exposed status.

A quarantine perimeter remains in place around Sunland Park racetrack and the adjoining training centers of Frontera, Jovi, and Lazy S.

Biosecurity measures are being maintained at the facilities to minimize the risk of spreading the infection.

The first case was reported at the racetrack on January 21. Six horses have been euthanized as a result of neurological problems arising from the infection.

Officials with the livestock board, state racing commission and Sunland Park are working together to control the outbreak.

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