Polo’s Nic Roldan on the run to help horses

Nic Roldan, in fluoro, gets in a practice run for the London 10,000.
Nic Roldan, in fluoro, gets in a practice run for the London 10,000.

US polo star Nic Roldan will swap his mallet for a water bottle when he takes on the challenge of a 10km running race in London, representing the Brooke USA equine charity.

Roldan, who became the first polo player to be an ambassador for Brooke USA , will run the London 10,000 on May 30, and is calling on supporters to join him.

Nic Roldan during the 2014 US Open.
Nic Roldan during the 2014 US Open. © Alex Pacheco

“Being Brooke USA’s first polo ambassador is obviously huge, and it’s a big step for me,” he said. “It’s a big responsibility, and it’s an honour as well – I can’t wait to get my first fundraiser under my belt. I’ve done quite a lot of running but I would love have more Brooke runners by my side – Join me!” Roldan said.

The London 10,000 starts and finishes in St James’s Park and passes many of London’s famous sights including Nelson’s Column, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

A seasoned polo player since the age of six, Roldan made history at 15 when he became the youngest player ever to win the United States Open Polo Championship. His name is on the trophy of almost every leading polo tournament in the US, and he has won on five continents at every goal level.

Through growing up with horses, Roldan is also driven to gain a global perspective on equine welfare, and is excited about the opportunity to give back and join the Brooke USA team. He will be going to see the Brooke’s work first-hand later this year in Guatemala.

He is looking forward to seeing for himself the plight of working equines and the difference that the Brooke is making in one of the 11 countries where it has programs.

“Mostly in the polo world and in the equestrian world, we live in sort of a bubble, where everything is seen from this side of the window, where everything is done perfectly,” he said.

“I think we maybe take all of this for granted, and until you actually travel to some of these less fortunate countries, and see exactly what’s going on, I don’t think you really get that feeling and emotion and idea of what’s happening. I’m really looking forward to being able to make a difference and give my time and to learn more about what’s going on.”

Nic Roldan's run in the London 10,000 will help equines around the world, including this working donkey in Pakistan.
Nic Roldan’s run in the London 10,000 will help equines around the world, including this working donkey in Pakistan. © The Brooke

Brooke USA is the American fundraising arm of the Brooke, British-based equine welfare charity. The Brooke helps working horses, donkeys and mules in 12 countries across Africa, Asia and Central America. It works with owners, communities, governments and international organisations to make lasting improvements to animal welfare. They now reach over 1.8 million animals each year.

Brooke USA Chairman Dr. David Jones said Roldan’s  compassion for animals and the less fortunate were “a powerful combination and will help us to improve the lives of countless more working equines and the people who depend on them around the world”.

“We’re looking forward to the race and hope that the Brooke’s UK supporters can join Nic’s team.”

Join Nic Roldan for the London 10,000 challenge



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