Ride for Life: Three golden principles for riders

Ride for Life - The Three Golden Principles for Riders, by Catherine Louise BirminghamIt is said that one of the biggest regrets that people have on their deathbed is that they lived the life expected of them instead of a life true to themselves.

What are your overall principles as a horse rider, and where are you at on your journey? Are you making progress or have you stalled in achieving your goals? Who are you pleasing as you take to the saddle?

As the title of Ride for Life suggests, author Catherine Louise Birmingham, shares three main principles for riders to apply – not just to their equestrian life, but their personal life also.

Birmingham, an international dressage rider and trainer, talks not of schooling or work under saddle, but instead challenges riders to consider the three principles of Focus, Feeling, and Action – while also respecting the horse. “As a reflection of the human self, they can enable us to better ourselves through their being.”

Ride for Life is short and sweet, designed to be picked up and put down at virtually any time, and with bite-sized words of wisdom traversing emotions, goals, change, awareness and much more. It will be read and re-read many times as those seeking guidance from its pages become more self-aware.

While sharing her own experiences, the author talks about developing skills that will enhance a rider’s experience with horses – and in the world at large.

Every staircase begins with one step.
Every mountain begins with one step.
Every great ride begins with one stride.


» Buy from Amazon or via the author’s website. It has also been published in Danish and Italian.


About the author:

Past international experience as a rider and trainer have earned Catherine Louise Birmingham an esteemed reputation in Germany, Japan and Australia.

Catherine has a long list of experience with training horses for dressage but is also a gifted teacher and writer.

Catherine Louise Birmingham
Catherine Louise Birmingham
Her love of horses began as a young girl and led Catherine to volunteer with her mother at the local RDA (Riding for the Disabled) from the age of nine.

She then followed her passion through Pony Club and professionally in Australia before leaving for Germany at the age of 19.
Catherine began her training in Germany with international Stud, Zuchthof Klatte and went on to train in Classical German Dressage with Josef Freese, PferdewirtschaftmeisterGold FN(Germany) and Paul Warnke M level Dressage Judge and trainer (Germany).

She previously worked at the AEBC under Dr Andrew McLean, Equine Behavouralist (Australia).

She was the main dressage coach for Olympic stables, Sugitani, in Japan and went on to develop and own training stables – Equinoxe Equestrian – Enlightened Equestrian Education, for five years, in Victoria, Australia, where she wrote her first book in 2007.

Catherine then pursued her love of writing and produced her second book in the year of 2011 and subsequently a series of riding related personal growth articles, published with Ridehesten magazine in Denmark.

Catherine has taught and lived in various countries, from Germany, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. She is now based in Indonesia to finish writing more books and regularly coaches around the world.

She is now available for Seminars worldwide with her subject of passion – Enlightened Riding – Where Dressage Meets Sprituality, to inform and educate about the larger subject of riding, its opportunities for personal growth and her dream to change the world through working with horses and empowering young boys.


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