Delays in finishing of Rio’s Olympic equestrian centre

Rio's National Equestrian Center is being expanded and refurbished for the 2016 Olympic Games.
Rio’s National Equestrian Center, which is being expanded and refurbished for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Reports from Brazil indicate that there are delays in the refurbishment of the Equestrian Centre that will host the Olympic equestrian events for Rio 2016.

With fewer than seven months to go to the Games in Rio de Janeiro, the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo has reported that a Rio court had granted an injunction to contractor iBeg Engenharia to prevent the termination of the contract for work on the equestrian centre.

Rio City Hall had also cancelled the contract relating to the building of the Olympic Tennis Centre, due to “non-completion of the building work”. City officials said there was no significant progress on the venue after the test event in December. Folha reported that more than 350 workers were laid off last week.

Mayor Eduardo Paes said that the venues will be ready for the Olympic Games. City Hall would hire another contractor to finish the work, he said.

Brazil’s National Equestrian Centre in Deodoro, which was built for the 2007 Pan-American Games, is to host all of the equestrian competitions. Before its refurbishment for the Olympics, it was used daily by the Brazilian Army Equestrian School.

The Deodora Olympic Park  is the second largest of the 2016 venues.

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