British reserve welcomes second Przewalski’s horse foal

Port Lympne's new Przewalski's horse foal, who was born last month.
Port Lympne’s new Przewalski’s horse foal, who was born last month. © Dave Rolfe

An animal reserve in Kent in Britain has welcomed a newborn Przewalski’s horse foal to its herd.

The filly foal was born at , one of Kent’s most popular visitor attractions, just over two weeks ago.

A name is sought for the new Przewalski's horse foal at Port Lympne Reserve, with five to choose from.
A name is sought for the new Przewalski’s filly born at Port Lympne Reserve, with five to choose from. © Dave Rolfe

Her arrival is very special news for the species, and she is the second of the endangered breed to be born at the park in 2015, following a who was born in August.

Head of Hoofstock Section, Bob Savill, said: “We’re delighted to welcome this super little girl to our herd of Przewalski horses.  She will help ensure the survival of the species, which was once virtually wiped out.  We’re so pleased with our recent breeding successes with Przewalski’s horses and to have two foals born in a year is spectacular!”

Native to Mongolia, the Przewalski horse was declared extinct in the wild in the 1970s. Through one of the most successful co-operative breeding programmes ever run, the species was successfully bred in captivity and protected. After positive reintroductions to the wild the horses were classed by the IUCN as critically endangered, before their status was revised to endangered in 2011.

“This little foal is doing really well and it’s lovely to watch her finding her feet and becoming bolder on a daily basis,” Savill said.

“We’ve chosen a selection of names for her and thought it would be really nice to get our visitors to choose their favourite via our social media pages.”

The names to choose from are:

  • Lungta (meaning wind horse in Tibetan)
  • Jangar (mongolian epic)
  • Arguut (a town)
  • Altay (a mountain range)
  • Aranjagaan (from a traditional Mongolian epic)

Followers are encouraged to vote for their favourite on the reserve’s Facebook page, and the name with the most votes or comments will be chosen at the end of the month.

Visitors to the reserve, near Ashford will be able to see the foal and the herd of wild horses on the Asian Experience, when they jump on board a safari truck at Basecamp to enjoy a safari.

The Port Lympne Reserve works with The Aspinall Foundation, a world leading conservation charity.  Profits from accommodation at Port Lympne Reserve go towards helping The Aspinall Foundation’s efforts to save rare and endangered species, both in the UK and overseas.

The Aspinall Foundation manages conservation projects in Congo, Gabon, Indonesia and Madagascar, as well as providing financial support to various partner projects around the world. The conservation charity’s important work helps prevent some of the most endangered species on the planet from becoming extinct.

Port Lympne Reserve's new Przewalski's horse filly foal.
Port Lympne Reserve’s new Przewalski’s horse filly foal. © Dave Rolfe

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