Bumper convention for US trail and endurance groups

Horse and rider on the NATRC's Renegade Roundup stride out.
Horse and rider on the NATRC’s Renegade Roundup stride out. © Andy Klamm

The USA’s largest distance riding organisations are joining forces for a mega convention in Reno, Nevada, next month.

The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) and the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) convention is open to all and is being run over two days, from February 19 to 20, featuring several presentations by leading veterinarians.

Speakers include Robin Foster, Jerry Zebrack, Sarah le Jeune, Mary Lassaline, and Jeanette (Jay) Mero.

Topics over the two days include horse and rider communication, stresses on the human body, integrative sports medicine, the equine eye, equine lameness, human riding fitness, and outlandish online equine myths. There will also be a session with top competitors discussing audience questions.

A two-day Veterinary Continuing Education course is being offered in conjunction with the convention on February 18-19.

There will also be entertainment and trade stalls including electronics, tack, clothing, feed, supplements, and other gear. Entertaining convention-goers on Friday evening will be local music and cowboy poetry celebrities Richard Elloyan and Steve Wade.

© Andy Klamm
© Andy Klamm

NATRC sanctions timed distance competitions with winners determined from a combination of condition, soundness and trail ability.

AERC sanctions distance competitions that have a maximum completion time, but winners are determined by order of completion provided the horses are fit to continue.




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