50,000 volunteers chosen so far for 2016 Rio Olympics

These volunteers worked at the archery test event at the Sambódromo.
These volunteers worked at the archery test event at the Sambódromo. © Rio 2016/Mathilde Molla

The first 50,000 volunteers have been chosen to work at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The successful candidates come from 151 countries, but the majority will be Brazilian, making up 82 per cent of the volunteers. The next largest group is from the USA, followed by Great Britain, Russia and China.

Among the Brazilians selected, more than half are from the state of Rio de Janeiro, with São Paulo (21 per cent) and Minas Gerais (six per cent) accounting for the next highest proportions. Among the Brazilians chosen, 55 per cent are women and 40 per cent are 25 or younger, while another 40 per cent are between 25 and 45.

Successful candidates are being sent letters of invitation by email, giving details of the roles they have been selected for, and the departments and venues where they will work. Upon receiving the letter of confirmation by email, they will have 10 days to accept the offer. Once they have accepted the offer, they will officially become Rio 2016 volunteers.

Organisers are looking at more applications, and those who have not yet applied can join a waiting list.



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