Boost for $160K eventing project to restart frangible fence study

Dan Starck and Adri Doyal set an MIM clip.
Dan Starck and Adri Doyal set an MIM clip. © USEA/Leslie Mintz

US eventing supporter Jacqueline Mars has challenged the US Eventing Association to raise $25,000 in the next six weeks to renew its Frangible (Collapsible) Fence Study.

If the USEA reaches the mark, Mars will donate $25,000 in 2016 to the cause, which aims to renew the 2009-2010 Frangible (Collapsible) Fence Study, conducted by Dr Suzanne Smith of the University of Kentucky and supported financially by the USEA and the USEF.

The comprehensive international study will take up to two years and estimates are that about $160,000 will need to be raised to cover the costs.

The study was put on hiatus because of the economic recession in the US, but Smith continued to work independently with engineers and researchers in Britain and with MIM system developer Mats Bjorneton. This work has resulted in many new types of fences now becoming eligible for the use of the new technology.

Restarting the study is one of the goals of a task force set up by USEA president Diane Pitts. Members have been reviewing cross-country course design and fence construction to help reduce the incidence of horse falls, and eventers and technical experts from Canada and Britain have also volunteered to join the task force.

The US Eventing Association will continue to raise funds throughout 2016 until it has the full amount covered.

Donate to the fund. Mailed Donations can be sent to: United States Eventing Association, 525 Old Waterford Rd, NW, Leesburg, VA 20176.

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