Donkey in a police cruiser: What could possibly go wrong?


A straying miniature donkey disgraced herself after being lifted into the back seat of a police car for her own protection.

“It was a huge mess in the back, huge mess,” Officer Kyle Canaan, of the Norman Police Department in Oklahoma, told the Oklahoma Daily.

Canaan had to power-wash the back seat of his police cruiser to clean up the mess.

The police department tweeted a picture of Canaan’s unusual passenger.

Police had responded around 8am on Tuesday after receiving a call about the stray animal. Canaan found her in the 8100 block of 120th Avenue Northeast, where the speed limit is 50mph (80kmh).

A passer-by indicated the donkey could stay on her land a couple of blocks away while her owner was located.

Canaan assessed that the best option was to bundle her into the back seat of his police car and delivered her there.

The donkey didn’t mind the unusual mode of transport at all, but still managed to leave a steaming calling card as a charming reminder of Canaan’s good deed.

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