Ponies at scenic English spot rough up visitors in pursuit of treats


Ponies that graze a scenic area of hill country in Somerset, England, have developed a liking for treats – and have been bullying visitors for them.

Signs have gone up around Quantock Common, warning that feeding the ponies is dangerous.

It is believed that people feeding the animals has led to the ongoing bad behaviour.

“By feeding the Quantock ponies you are changing their behaviour and encouraging them to become aggressive,” the signs say.

“There have been recent cases of a pony breaking someone’s leg, biting, and causing vehicle damage.”

It urged visitors not to add to the problem.

“For your own safety, please stay well clear of the ponies and never feed them.”

Local reports said the ponies, which are largely unused to human contact, have started to gather in car parks in the hope of scoring treats.

People who picnicked in the area should not leave food behind, and should definitely not feed the animals by hand.

Ponies graze the common to help manage vegetation.

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