William Fox-Pitt remains sedated, stable 6 days after fall

William Fox-Pitt (GBR) with Fernhill Pimms
William Fox-Pitt, pictured with Fernhill Pimms at Burghley in September. © Mike Bain

William Fox-Pitt remains in a stable condition at Angers Hospital in France, following his fall from Reinstated six days earlier.

The rider is under continued observation while under sedation following the fall, and doctors treating him say there are no further changes to report.

The update, from Friday, was the first from the hospital in two days.

No further information will be available from Angers Hospital over the weekend, but an update would be released early next week.

Fox-Pitt, 46, sustained a head injury in a fall at the World Championships for Young Horses in Le Lion d’Angers in France on October 17. He fell from Reinstated at the “owl hole” fence, the 20th obstacle on the course. The event was held up for an hour while medical personnel attended to Fox-Pitt.

Sedation following a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is used to reduce intracranial pressure or brain swelling, to stop seizure activity and help ventilation.

Fox-Pitt’s family said: “Thank you again for all your huge support.  Alice and all the family are really grateful.”

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