My Little Pony cafe pops up in downtown Tokyo


A cafe with a My Little Pony theme has opened in Tokyo, providing the bronies who inhabit the Japanese capital the perfect hangout.

The downtown cafe features a giant My Little Pony mural for diners to admire as they munch down on the pony-themed items on the menu, or sip on a cappuccino topped with pony art.

Bronies – the name given to the brotherhood of fans who enjoy the My Little Pony television series – are said to be able to enjoy top-notch pancakes at the establishment.

Everything about the cafe has a My Little Pony twist, which is apparently from the moment visitors came across the life-sized Twilight Sparkle who greets customers at the door.

However, the cafe does not appear to be a permanent fixture.

It is running out of the Sunday Jam pancake restaurant as a kind of “pop-up cafe” and will reportedly remain open until November 29.

It is said to be a collaboration between Sunday Jam, My Little Pony, and the Umajo women’s association of the Japan Racing Association.

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