Castration clinic a step in stemming unwanted horse tide


geldingSeveral equine charities have banded together to run castration clinics in Britain as part of the drive to stem indiscriminate breeding.

The country is in the grip of an unprecedented horse crisis with thousands of horses in immediate danger, mainly due to indiscriminate breeding, the British Horse Society (BHS) says.

Earlier this week the BHS worked alongside the Blue Cross, Redwings, the RSPCA, Horse World, World Horse Welfare and The Donkey Sanctuary to organise a castration clinic in the East of England Region in St Albans, as part of its nationwide campaign.

A large team of people, including volunteer vets, worked together to carry out the castrations. The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) supported the clinics by supplying the vets and equipment that was needed to organise the day.

Horses at the castration clinics receive the best veterinary care.
Horses at the castration clinics receive the best veterinary care.

In total, 14 horses were castrated and 18 were given passports and microchips. All horses were de-wormed and those that were castrated were also vaccinated.

The BHS is aiming to run at least one castration clinic in every region and nation that it covers in the autumn of 2015 and spring of 2016.

It estimates that the castration campaign has the potential to prevent the lives of over 17,000 potentially vulnerable foals over the next two generations.

In calling for donations to help with the clinics, the BHS said: “We could probably run more than 30 clinics for the price of the rescue, rehabilitation and prosecution of one particularly serious welfare case.”

More on the British Horse Society Castration Appeal – or donate via text – ‘BHSA60 £5’ to 70070.

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