New partnership between sport horse studbook body and FEI


WBFSHThe federation representing 70 sport horse studbooks from around the world is the latest to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with horse sport’s governing body.

The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the FEI, and the two parties have agreed to establish the FEI WBFSH Council to further enhance collaboration as part of the new agreement.

The WBFSH represents 70 sport horse studbooks from more than 30 countries with the central aim of stimulating horse breeding development worldwide and integrating breeding with horse sport.

Jan Pedersen, President of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses, said  the group’s cooperation with the FEI was logical, natural and necessary link between producers and consumers.


“Breeders produce horses that our athletes need, and for that reason the horse breeding industry needs the support of equestrian sport,” Pedersen said.

The WBFSH, whose patron is HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark, has cooperated with the FEI on the organisation of the FEI World Breeding Championships for Sport Horses (FWBCYH) in the three Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing since 1992.

WFBSH“Horses are central to our sport, and breeding alongside nurturing plays a fundamental role in creating our next star equine athletes,” said FEI President Ingmar De Vos.

“The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses has united the leading sport horse breeding countries and global experts for many years, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership as equestrian sport grows rapidly around the world.”


• The FEI decided in 2012 to use Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to better define its relationship with the different stakeholders, rather than the former “associate member” status.

The MOUs cover universal issues such as FEI recognition, FEI Rules and Regulations, horse welfare, code of ethics, commitment to democratic processes, consultation, FEI General Assembly, FEI Sports Forum and meetings, governing law, dispute resolution, communication, and implementation. Although recognition by the FEI does not entail voting rights at the FEI General Assembly, the MOUs formalise the relationship with the FEI, giving a voice to organisations working with the FEI in the development of equestrian sport.

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