Polish arabian mare sells for €1.4 million


The first lot into the ring at the famous Pride of Poland Arabian Horse auction topped the sale last weekend, with the Esktern daughter Pepita fetching an impressive €1.4 million ($US1.6m; $NZ2.5m).

The 10-year-old mare, in foal to Pogrom, won the National Champion Senior Mare title at the Polish Nationals in 2014, earning a massive score of 94.5, with top marks for type and her head and neck.

Pepita was the cover horse for this year’s auction catalogue, and her dam Pepesza was also a cover girl, in 2006. Pepesza sold for €135,000 to Hennessey Arabians in the US at the 2006 sale.

Ten-year-old mare Pepita fetched €1.4 million at last weekend's Pride of Poland sale.
Ten-year-old mare Pepita fetched €1.4 million at last weekend’s Pride of Poland sale.

Bred by Janów Podlaski Stud, Pepita has had five foals including four colts. Her two-year-old, Pitawal, by Kahil Al Shaqab, was Polish National Silver Champion Junior Stallion as a yearling.

Pepita’s new owner has not yet been revealed.

Six of the seven Ekstern daughters on offer at the sale fetched a total of €2.115 million.


The second highest priced lot this year was Pistoria, who was sold by Michałów Stud for €625,000 ($US724,700; $NZ1.117m). The 11-year-old daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab, from the Monogramm mare Palmira, is in foal to Vitorio To. Pistoria has many show titles to her credit, including finishing second to Pepita at the 2014 Polish Nationals.

Her dam, WAHO Trophy recipient Palmira remains one of Michałów’s archetypal broodmatrons. Her many wins include was Polish National Champion/Best in Show, All Nations Cup Champion, and World Reserve Champion.


Another mare by Ekstern was the next highest priced, with Wieża Róż fetching €270,000 ($US313,100; $NZ482,500) for Michałów Stud. From the Laheeb mare Wieża Babel, the chestnut seven-year-old was sold in foal to Emerald J to Hilke De Bruycker of Al Thumama Stud.

Wieża Róż was Polish National Junior champion mare in 2009, and has several other top five titles to her name.

Wieża Róż sold for €270,000.
Wieża Róż sold for €270,000.

In other notable sales, Britain’s Shirley Watts of Halsdon Arabians, a regular buyer at the sale, bought the 10-year-old Ekstern mare Altamira for €250,000.


Last weekend’s main sale realised €3.995 million ($US4.6m), and the Summer Sale made €603,500 ($US700,000), making an overall total of €4,598,500 ($US5.4m).

The Pride of Poland sale is held annually, and is of horses bred mainly in the state stud farms of Janów Podlaski, Michałow and Białka.

Arabian mares – Pride of Poland
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
1 1400.000 Pepita grey 2005 Ekstern Pepesza Janów Podlaski Stud
2 105.000 Georgia grey 1994 Monogramm Gizela Michałów Stud
3 75.000 Berenika bay 2009 Eden C Belgica Janów Podlaski Stud
4 625.000 Pistoria grey 2004 Gazal Al Shaqab Palmira Michałów Stud
5 130.000 Adyga bay 2013 Kahil Al Shaqab Amiga Janów Podlaski Stud
6 270.000 Wieża Róż chest. 2008 Ekstern Wieża Babel Michałów Stud
7 250.000 Altamira grey 2005 Ekstern Altona Janów Podlaski Stud
8 65.000 El Ghazala grey 2002 Ekstern Emigracja Michałów Stud
9 35.000 Anilla grey 2004 Pesal Andaluzja Janów Podlaski Stud
10 Esmeta bay 2008 Ekstern Emika Białka Stud
11 252.000 Wasa grey 2006 WH Justice Waresa Falborek Arabians
12 56.000 Esidona grey 2006 Galba Esturia Michałów Stud
13 65.000 Eureda grey 2011 Ekstern Europia Janów Podlaski Stud
14 21.000 Eustachia grey 2009 QR Marc Euscera Michałów Stud
15 260.000 Wkra bay 2004 Gazal Al Shaqab Wyborna Michałów Stud
16 Cyraneczka grey 2012 Kabsztad Cetra Idris Hassan
17 67.000 Panonia chest. 2001 Eukaliptus Pilar Janów Podlaski Stud
18 20.000 Nefertari grey 2009 Piaff Natea Białka Stud
19 88.000 Ganga grey 2004 Emigrant Granada Chrcynno-Palace Stud
20 Flaminia bay 2008 Gaspar Filistia Michałów Stud
21 17.000 Pellena bay 2010 Ganges Pelota Janów Podlaski Stud
22 16.000 Argolida grey 2003 Grafik Anakonda Michałów Stud
23 40.000 Febris grey 2013 Amir Ashiraf Frymuszka Jan Dobrzyński
24 36.000 Farsala grey 2000 Laheeb Fallada Michałów Stud
25 36.000 Wadi Halfa grey 2003 Ekstern Wenessa Michałów Stud
26 46.000 Emmbelarda chest. 2012 QR Marc Emmbla Michałów Stud
27 Ewena grey 2013 Esparto Elwina Białka Stud
28 20.000 Sanda grey 2010 Ararat Sabina Janów Podlaski Stud
Arabian mares – Summer Sale
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
S/1 9.000 Heriana bay 2013 LVA Maximus Hermia Białka Stud
S/2 Ferrana grey 2013 Shanghai E.A. Fontella StanRed Arabians
S/3 14.000 Miriana grey 2012 Celsjusz Mila Białka Stud
S/4 15.000 Brekina grey 2011 Pilot Breda Janów Podlaski Stud
S/5 17.000 Etisa grey 2011 Bint Matis Eksterna Falborek Arabians
S/6 10.000 Grasantka bay 2011 Equifor Gratituda Janów Podlaski Stud
S/7 Flancee grey 2011 HDB Sihr Ibn Massai Fletnia Pana StanRed Arabians
S/8 27.000 Galeona chest. 2011 Alert Gasteria Michałów Stud
S/9 8.000 Floriana grey 2010 Aslan Fastella Janów Podlaski Stud
S/10 20.000 Czateria bay 2009 Ganges Czarnota Janów Podlaski Stud
S/11 16.000 Ereira grey 2008 Piruet Elgina Michałów Stud
S/12 23.000 Bursa brown 2008 Aslan Bordiura Janów Podlaski Stud
S/13 46.000 Perespa chest. 2007 Enzo Polenta Janów Podlaski Stud
S/14 60.000 Melody bay 2007 Psytadel Mina Małgorzata & Józef Pietrzak
S/15 31.000 Egeriana grey 2006 Poganin Elizka ZPH Strusinianka Sp. z o.o.
S/16 11.000 Papua chest. 2006 HS Etiquette Parada Janów Podlaski Stud
S/17 18.000 Estuma grey 2006 Galba Estoria Michałów Stud
S/18 35.000 Wersja chest. 2006 Poganin Wenta Kurozwęki Stud, J.M. Popiel
S/19 16.000 Eurynia grey 2006 Perseusz Eurita Białka Stud
S/20 20.000 Karbala grey 2005 Emigrant Karolina Michałów Stud
S/21 11.000 Fellena grey 2005 Emigrant Felicjana Michałów Stud
S/22 8.000 Elwa bay 2004 Metropolis NA Elwira Janów Podlaski Stud
S/23 39.000 Elara bay 2003 Gazal Al Shaqab Elganda Michałów Stud
S/24 17.500 Zuzelia grey 2002 Werbum Zenobia Michałów Stud
S/25 47.000 Mata Hari bay 2002 Werbum Martynika Michałów Stud
S/26 31.000 Natasza bay 2002 Ekstern Niwa St. Roch Arabians
S/27 30.000 Złota Księga bay 2001 Ganges Zatoka Michałów Stud
S/28 15.000 Euzetia grey 1995 Etogram Euzebia Janów Podlaski Stud
S/29 9.000 Baida grey 1994 Balon Bajeczka Janów Podlaski Stud
Arabian stallions – Summer Sale
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
S/30 Espimar bay 2010 Marajj Espinezja Falborek Arabians
S/31 Gaspar grey 1998 Emigrant Gaskonia Michałów Stud


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