Equi-fashionista Katie Price goes for gold

Katie Price's new stirrups.
Katie Price’s new stirrups.

British model and equestrian fashionista Katie Price is among the latest stylie riders to get a pair of customised 24-carat gold plated stirrups, complete with Swarovski crystals.

The E.L.Equine Stirrups also feature Swarovski crystals.
The E.L.Equine Stirrups also feature Swarovski crystals.

Price showed the new additions to her tack room on her Instagram page, saying she “couldn’t wait to use them”.

The stirrups, from E.L.Equine, are protected with clear coat lacquer specially formulated for 24ct gold which is baked to cure, which stops the plating from wearing or rubbing off over time. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all its plated products, which also includes spurs.

The company also plates the stirrups in 8ct Rose Gold and Platinum, as well as restoring horseshoes as keepsakes.

The stirrups range in price from £349 to £409.




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