The Kiwi Crabbet Arabian horse connection

Lyn Marshall with the Pure Crabbet mare Aurora Reniah.
Lyn Marshall with the Pure Crabbet mare Aurora Reniah.

A look at some of the recent developments in the breeding of Pure Crabbet Arabians in New Zealand.

The Crabbet Arabian in New Zealand has undergone somewhat of a resurgence in recent months, with four new pure Crabbets being brought into the country by existing breeders looking to consolidate these bloodlines in their breeding programmes.

Sadly, none of the early imports into New Zealand – dating from as early as the 1930s and 1940s – exist today in Pure Crabbet breeding in the country, but there are many high percentage descendents, many of whom also include “Colonial” blood in their lineage, such as that of Shahzada.

There is a growing nucleus of breeders throughout the country, but the South Island dominates in Pure Crabbet breeding at this stage.

With Crabbet bloodlines increasingly sought after in performance circles, particularly endurance, this may bring a welcome boost to this second wave of pioneering breeders “Down Under” in Aotearoa.

This article first appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Crabbet Journal. Pedigrees of horses mentioned here are at the foot of the article for ease of reading.

Aurora Rheemah (Silver Omen x Fenwick Regenta)
Aurora Rheemah (Silver Omen x Fenwick Regenta)

Aurora Stud – Southland

The breeding of Pure Crabbets in this country made a return in the 2000s, with the first progeny on the ground from Lyn Marshall’s Aurora Stud in Southland. After importing Fenwick Regenta and Silver Omen from Australia in 2006, Lyn added another in-foal mare, Silver Crescent to the Aurora herd. The resulting pure Crabbet progeny from these three now numbers seven, with the oldest three mares working their way up the grades in Endurance. The cancellation of the last local ride of the season meant that Aurora Clouded Moon and Aurora Raffeah are a ride away from open qualification.

It was a patchy competition season for the Aurora team, after a virus made its way through the endurance horses, putting qualifying plans back. But a new season beckons from late September, with a team of five horses (three PC) and two younger pure Crabbets ready to be started under saddle and take their place in competition.

Aurora Stud's Midnight Diamond (Pilot x Silver Crescent) with Aurora Rain Man (Silver Omen x Fenwick Regenta).
Aurora Stud’s Midnight Diamond (Pilot x Silver Crescent) with Aurora Rain Man (Silver Omen x Fenwick Regenta).

Crabbets are well known as a fabulous outcross to other arabian “types”, crossing particularly well with the Polish arabians. The earliest example of this cross – Skowronek – needs no introduction, and it has also worked well in New Zealand, with the latest being a colt born last season at Aurora, by the British-based Polish sire Pilot, out of Silver Crescent. Now a yearling, this smart young colt seems a good choice for adding an outcross to the Omen daughters in the future, of whom Lyn has six, five of them Pure Crabbet. Pilot was earlier used over Pure Crabbet mares by Al Dhahab stud; more on this below.

This coming foaling season Lyn is expecting a pure Crabbet foal from Silver Crescent by resident Somerled sire Silver Omen.

After foaling five siblings by Silver Omen, Lyn’s first Crabbet mare, Fenwick Regenta was sold in 2014 to Nelson breeder Louise Raymond of Ranzau Arabians.

Ranzau Alabama with his dam, Inshallah Indiana.
Ranzau Alabama with his dam, Inshallah Indiana.

Ranzau Arabians – Nelson

Already the proud owner of a pure Crabbet, the Australian imported gelding Inshallah Encounter and having previously owned two Banderol granddaughters, Louise decided these were the lines she wanted as a foundation for her new stud.

In October 2013, Louise bought the proven broodmare Inshallah Indiana from Inshallah Arabians in Australia. The chestnut mare made the trip to New Zealand in foal to Inshallah’s current stallion Monarch Lodge Ambition.

Fenwick Regenta
Fenwick Regenta

It was soon after Indiana’s arrival that Regenta joined the Ranzau herd, and, as Louise says “like Indiana her pedigree contains ‘Crabbet royalty’. Very similar lines to Indiana, having the same dam line but she also carries a line, through her sire, back to Shafreyn which is one I am keen to have in our stud”.

“She is a mare I have always admired and closely related to my Inshallah Encounter’s dam, I again leapt at the chance to own her,” Louise says. Regenta is currently on lease to fellow Crabbet enthusiast Michelle Zielazo of Alasaan Performance Horses in Canterbury, and earlier this year, at the age of 12, made her showring debut.

Last September, Indiana foaled a bay colt, now named Ranzau Alabama, continuing the tradition of Indiana’s foals being named for US states.

“He is everything we hoped for and as expected, being a double Banderol descendent and also Inshallah bred, he is a very upstanding colt with presence to burn. He has a delightful temperament and he has become part of the family in no time,” says Louise, who has high hopes that Alabama will reintroduce the Banderol lines to New Zealand.

Indiana is having a season off foaling, and a Pure Crabbet stallion is being selected to be the sire of her 2016 foal.

Pevensey Regent
Lawrence Arabians stallion Pevensey Regent.

Lawrence Arabians – Oamaru

The horses from North Otago breeder Karan Lawrence have always had a fair dose of Crabbet bloodlines.

The stud’s foundation mare Zest purchased from Malton Arabians in 1984, was 90% Crabbet, and Karan’s homebred stallion Quassa sired by Desert Shadow imp UK was 90% Crabbet. Two mares by Quassa from Zest’s daughter Zhola – Zareth-Shahar and Zhenya Al Hadiye – remain at the stud. “I had decided that I wanted to stay with Crabbet bloodlines, not because of percentages, but because I liked the type of horse the lines were producing,” Karan says.

This led to the arrival in July 2014 of Pevensey Regent, a five-year-old double Rasham stallion on lease from his breeder, Leon Bennett.

Regent has covered his first mares, the 89% Crabbet Zareth-Shahar, and the predominantly Crabbet Sunny Brae Jasmine.

“He is true to his ancestry, having the style and substance one would expect from his pedigree. Suffice to say we are anxious to see what the future brings as Pevensey Regent heralds a new chapter in our stud’s story. It has also kindled a desire to perhaps, one day attain a pure Crabbet mare for Regent,” Karan says.

“Whatever the future holds, we feel privileged to be a part of the Crabbet Renaissance here in New Zealand.”

Supreme Arabians' Aleenah SPA.
Supreme Arabians mare Aleenah SPA.
Prince Eligani SPA
Prince Eligani SPA

Supreme Arabians – King Country

Also new to the New Zealand Pure Crabbet breeding scene is endurance riders Alix and Sean Trafford, whose stud is in the King Country in the North Island.

Sean says the stud has always followed a strict breeding plan based on old proven performance bloodlines and the use of line breeding to produce a consistent type in its broodmare herd.

“The next and current step in the breeding programme was to acquire the bloodlines of the Pure Crabbet horses I grew up admiring in all the Australian magazines before they were all gone,” Sean says.

“These were the bloodlines of Silver Moonlight, Greylight, and Baz through their progeny Somerled, Sardonyx, Silver Somerio, Fenwick Panache, and Arfaja Danyon.”

Thus, a recent addition to the stud’s seven stallions is the Pure Crabbet Prince Eligani SPA.

Two PC mares have also joined Prince Eligani, both from Australia. The double Sarafire mare Aleenah SPA, who is in foal to the Eliseo SPA and Inshallah Echo’s Rose, who is in foal to Silverfly SPA.


Starglen Sensacion (Arabian Lodge Boragh x Santarabia Fame) as a young horse.
Starglen Sensacion (Arabian Lodge Boragh x Santarabia Fame) as a young horse.

Al Dhahab and Glenmore Arabians

The past few years have also seen the passing of two Pure Crabbets in New Zealand, the stallion Ranaarb (below), and the mare Starglen Bouquet.

Starglen Bouquet was imported by Jacquie Webby of the Al Dhahab Arabian Stud, who also imported her full sister, Starglen Sensacion. The pair, bred by Diane and David Burling in Queensland, Australia, were from the Leo Campbell-bred mare Santarabia Fame.

Both followed their mother in their black-bay colouring, Bouquet the taller of the two at around 15hh with her younger sister standing around 14.3hh.

Bouquet and Sensacion were both multi champions in the showring in Australia, with the wide ribbons swinging back and forth between the two. Neither mare was broken in.

Bouquet arrived in New Zealand first and produced both anglo and purebred foals. Sensacion was unshown in New Zealand and produced only purebred foals, including Al Dhahab Mimraah (deceased, by Cameo Zhivago).

Undoubtedly, the jewels in the crowns of both mares were their fillies by the Haldson-owned Polish sire Pilot. Sensacion produced Al Dhahab Hadiyyah, and Bouquet was the dam of Al Dhahab Aiyet. Both fillies were exported to Australia, where after some showing successes and the onset of equine influenza, they found new owners in Queensland. Hadiyyah has recently started her own family after an endurance career, Aiyet, very unfortunately, is deceased.

The late Starglen Bouquet (Arabian Lodge Boragh x Santarabia Fame).
The late Starglen Bouquet.

“When I downsized my stud, Bouquet and another purebred mare (Ejay Ngarla +Au), were gifted to Murray and Andrea Smith and they also purchased Sensacion,” Jacquie says.

“My idea was that the pure Crabbet lines were too precious not to be used, so I approached Murray and Andrea and they accepted my offer. I was delighted.”

The bloodlines are being continued by the Smiths at their Glenmore Arabian Stud, and include the Bouquet daughters Al Dhahab Capricci, by Cameo Zhivago, and Glenmore Syle-Ish, by the straight Egyptian sire Shalom La Ish. Glenmore Capri, a 96% Crabbet daughter of Capricci by Night At the Opera (98%) is also at the stud.

The Smiths also have a colt and a filly out of Sensacion, both 99% Crabbet and by Night At the Opera.

“Sensacion is rising 25 and still a picture of health. We were lucky to obtain both of these mares from Jacquie, and we wanted to include the Sindh bloodlines into our stud which is why we were so keen to have them,” Andrea says.

The Smiths are well known in performance circles in New Zealand, with both Andrea and daughter Georgia competing in the endurance competition at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France.

“Our aim with all our horses is to bred top endurance horses and we believe the Crabbet foundation bloodlines to be very important in this,” Andrea says.

Arahi Tahi (Ranaarb x Arahi Amiria /Puketahu Mazada), bred by Melanie Barker, and now owned and Ridden by Natasha Guest. They're pictured at Putaruru A&P Show in 2011.
Arahi Tahi (Ranaarb x Arahi Amiria /Puketahu Mazada), bred by Melanie Barker, and now owned and Ridden by Natasha Guest. They’re pictured at Putaruru A&P Show in 2011.

Delight Arab Horse Stud

The striking chestnut stallion Ranaarb stood at Linda and Stuart Cottle’s North Island stud until his passing at the age of 26 in May, 2013.

The Cottles first laid eyes on the son of Rasham during a stud tour in 2000, and learned he was available for lease.

Ranaarb (Rasham x Liquid Amber)
The late Ranaarb (Rasham x Liquid Amber).

“I was very impressed with his presence, bloodlines and movement,” Lin says. “We talked to Ranaarb’s owner Greg Prowse and arranged to import Ranaarb to NZ on lease. He arrived in September 2000 and was meant to return to Australia at some stage, but ended up staying with us for about 13 years, until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

“We consider ourselves very lucky to have been given the opportunity to lease such a special horse.

“We never regretted bringing Ranaarb to NZ – he sired some stunning and talented riding horses for us and other breeders – all seem to have the most amazing, intelligent natures. They have proven their worth under saddle and in endurance competition with many progeny doing very well, with six exported (four to Malaysia, two to UAE).”

In his final breeding season, it was feared Ranaarb was infertile, so he was allowed to run with the stud’s six broodmares, in the hope a foal would result.

“We were incredibly lucky that he did get two mares in foal and his very last foals are just beautiful, I think probably some of his best – a graceful grey filly and a stunning chestnut colt.”

The Cottles are looking to retain both youngsters, describing the colt as very good quality and a stallion prospect.

“Ranaarb definitely had a very positive impact in NZ with his valuable bloodlines – he produced quality stock which are excellent riding horses and are really valued by their owners for their wonderful temperaments.”

The gelding Delights Tardis (Ranaarb x Durdan Tinderbox/Dellmount Santea) and the mare Delights Siren (Ranaarb x Rowallan Classic Sireen/Wagga Ambassador), who were exported to Presco Endurance Stables in Malaysia.
The gelding Delights Tardis (Ranaarb x Durdan Tinderbox/Dellmount Santea) and the mare Delights Siren (Ranaarb x Rowallan Classic Sireen/Wagga Ambassador), who were exported to Presco Endurance Stables in Malaysia.


(in alphabetic order). Most are also on the All Breed Pedigree website.

Aurora Stud's Silver Omen (Somerled x The Cameo Rose).
Aurora Stud’s Silver Omen (Somerled x The Cameo Rose).

NZ domiciled Pure Crabbets  – as at July 2015  – * denotes NZ bred
Aleenah SPA (Elian SPA/Arfaja Sarif; x Akeelah SPA/Arfaja Sarif)
* Aurora Clouded Moon (Boomori Finale by Chip Chase Kiwanna/Boyar; x Silver Crescent)
* Aurora Raffeah, Reniah, Rain Man, Rose of Aurora, and Rheemah (Silver Omen x Fenwick Regenta)
* Aurora Southern Star (Silver Omen x Silver Crescent)
Fenwick Regenta (Fenwick Phantom/Greylight x Fenwick Regina/Sindh)
Inshallah Echo’s Rose (Inshallah Silver Echo/Crenel; x Fenwick Rene/Greylight)
Inshallah Encounter (Tommie/Banderol; x Fenwick Rene/Greylight)
Inshallah Indiana (Tommie x Inshallah Impulse/Crenel)
Pevensey Regent (Arfaja Rococo [Arfaja Robard x Arfaja Estella] x Pevensey Baybe [Sarafire x Dandaloo Baylanie]
Prince Eligani SPA (Binley Prince Iqbal/Prince Sadik; x Eveeta/Fenwick Panache)
* Ranzau Alabama (Monarch Lodge Ambition x Inshallah Indiana)
Silver Crescent (Overdale Farm Magic Silver/Somers Magic; x Overdale Farm Rishalanie/Crescent Moon)
Silver Omen (Somerled/Baz x The Cameo Rose/Samiri)
Starglen Sensacion (Arabian Lodge Boragh/Sindh; x Santarabia Fame/Ruberto)

Ranaarb (Rasham [Greylight x Sparkle] x Liquid Amber [Mutlak/Indian Magic x Electric Amber/Electric Silver]) 23.10.87 – 29.5.13
Starglen Bouquet (Arabian Lodge Boragh x Santarabia Fame) – 26.11.89 – 2012
Pure Crabbet sires with mares to foal/foaled in NZ
Eliseo SPA (Arfaja Sarif/Sarafire; x Eveeta/Fenwick Panache)

Aurora Stud's Silver Crescent with her daughter Aurora Clouded Moon.
Aurora Stud’s Silver Crescent with her daughter Aurora Clouded Moon.

Monarch Lodge Ambition (Tommie x Pevensey Raida/Dandaloo Kadet)
Silverfly SPA (Arfaja Danyon/Silver Somerio; x Hajarlee/Silver Somerio)
Cameo Zhivago (Cedardell Zanzibar/Somerled; x Cameo Fifinella/Coolminda Toccara)

Other horses mentioned
Delights Estelle (Ngapa Joussif/Grey Swirl; x Ngapa Estrellita/Puketahu Kentucky)
Delights Oracle (Ngapa Joussif x Dundevale Keeshaan / Malton Masada)
Ejay Ngarla (Chip Chase Desert Wind/Cherokee Mecca; x Santarabia Asfur/Ruberto)
Night At the Opera (Shadowy Night/Mildon; x Aida/Spindrift)
Quassa (Desert Shadow imp UK [Desert King x Autumn Shadow] x Houllain / Houssain)
Sunny Brae Jasmine (Czarak [Cairo / Silver Sparkle / Exrah] x Dellmount Jamil [Touch of Magic Au/Othello/Sala)
Zareth-Shahar and Zhenya Al Hadiye (Quassa x Zhola)
Zest (Waimeha Marendo / Crescendo; x Zillain/Houssain)
Zhola (Arabesque Crystal Flame [Tafadin x Crystal Queen] x Zest)

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